Yu Kujo

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Yu Kujo
Yu Kujo
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Student
Related to Rei Kujo (sister)
First appearance Guyferd Episode 1: "The Birth of Guyferd!"
Played by Yamato Tategawa

Yu Kujo (九條優,   Kujō Yū) a child character created by Toho who first appeared in episode 1 of the 1996 tokusatsu series, Guyferd titled "The Birth of Guyferd!" His name is sometimes translated as Yuu (優,   ).



"The Birth of Guyferd!"

Yuu was a 12 year old student at the Kenouryu dojo lead by a man named Michiyuki Taki along with his older sister Rei. One day during training, a stranger entered the dojo while he was running away from Rei after cheaply defeating her in sparring. Taki recognized the man, who revealed that he was the brother of the Kujos' friend Masato. They looked him up in a database of fighters and learned he was named Go Kazama, and he had been travelling the world for the last five years. Taki attacked the man, only to be humiliated in front of the class before storming out. Yu immediately asked Kazama to replace their current master.

"In Peril! Go"

While asking the police about activity surrounding Masato's disappearance, he was given a lead and informed that his detective contact would not be responsible for any danger he got himself into. Yu was unafraid, knowing that he had Go on his side. He returned to the Kenouryu dojo to reveal that he had the name of someone who claimed to have seen Masato, and instead found Go bickering with his sister, who left in a hurry. Yu, Rei, and their friend Kido arrived at an abandoned building where they were ambushed by the Mutian Doggross. Kido tried to defend them, but was quickly defeated before Go arrived and began putting up a real fight. Their battle ended when Doggross faltered and was escorted away by two Guyborgs. Yu and Rei then used their family's vast fortune to set Go and Shiroishi up in Masato's old apartment while they search for clues on his whereabouts. He then lead his sister to meet up with his detective contact, who led them to a rail yard where he turned on them, revealing himself as a Crown double agent. Yu kicked the handcuffs out of his hand before Rei used her Kenoryu prowess to incapacitate him. They ran for cover only to be cornered by Doggross. Go arrived to rescue them, and they watched from their hiding place until Shiroishi came and got them to shelter behind his car. There Yu peeked out to see the hero Guyferd battling Doggross before exiting to find him gone, and Go knocked out on the ground. Go claimed that Guyferd left, and they all went home.

"Did You See It? The Ultimate Supertransformation!"

When Go did not return from a trip to the "Birthplace of Kenoryu", far into the mountains, Yu and Rei accompanied Professor Shiroishi into the countryside to look for him, despite his misgivings about involving children in his quest to take down Crown. Yu explains to him that at the birthplace, one can learn entirely different techniques from what is taught at their dojo in Tokyo, and that to truly master Kenoryu, one must master both. Before he could exposit further, Rei spotted activity on a nearby dam, and the Professor recognized them as Crown soldiers carrying a case of Arclight explosives, a powerful bomb created by Crown that was capable of blowing up the whole dam. He and Rei opted to go in to stop them, while sending Yu ahead to find and warn Go. Yu followed the trail all the way to the hidden dojo, but when he tried to approach it, as if by magic he found himself walking away from it. He soon fainted from the shock of the experience. One of the dojo's students, a girl named Saki, approached him and teased him about attracting bears if he kept sleeping in the open forest. She then brought him to Go, and the winded Yu informed him of the situation at the dam. The group hurried back to help them. While Go went to take on the new Mutian, Yu and Saki went to rescue the trapped Rei and Shiroishi. The two were attacked by Crown soldiers called Fangs, but Saki's fellow students Godo and Yashamaru appeared to take them on. Godo then broke their chains, allowing both Kujos, Saki and Shiroishi to get into the dam and search for the bomb. Yu located it with just over a minute left until its detonation, and with under ten seconds to spare, they were able to defuse it when Rei instructed Shiroishi to cut the red wire after remembering that a horoscope magazine had informed her that red was her lucky color. When Shiroishi heard this, he fainted, forcing Yu and Saki to carry him out. Outside, Rei admonished Go for cutting things so close, which led to the two bickering while Yu, Shiroishi, and Saki were forced to listen.


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