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Bolguiss in Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd
Subtitle(s) MTBG-15[1]
Species Mutian
Height 208 centimeters[1]
Weight 100 kilograms[1]
Controlled by Crown
Relations Crown (creator)
Allies Fangs
Enemies Go Kazama, Koichi Hayami
Played by Toru Edomatsu
First appearance Guyferd episode 3: "Did You See It? The Ultimate Supertransformation!"
Latest appearance Guyferd episode 17:
"Zodiac's Appearance!" (stock footage)

Bolguiss (ボルキス,   Borugisu) is a Mutian who appears in episode 3 of Toho and TV Tokyo's 1996 tokusatsu television series Guyferd, titled "Did You See It? The Ultimate Supertransformation!"


Heisei era


"Did You See It? The Ultimate Supertransformation!"

Bolguiss revealed himself to Guyferd atop a dam in the countryside after he made short work of a number of Fangs. He demanded he show his true strength, only for Guyferd to find himself unable to transform. Bolguiss toys with the man, shocking him with his electric whips, but accidentally sendt him over the side. Fortunately, Crown decided to try and blow up the dam to lure Guyferd out of hiding, and they returned the next day with a case of Arclight explosives. While inside the dam, Bolguiss came face to face with two intruders, Takeo Shiroishi and Rei Kujo, whom he quickly had chained to a ladder on the side of the dam as he and some Fangs set the explosive device. While exiting the inner workings of the dam, they were challenged again by Guyferd, who took down the Fangs with ease. Angered by this inconvenience, Bolguiss challenged him once again, and initially took the upper hand, using his large head to batter the man's torso. When Go became distracted by the sight of his friends crying for help, Bolguiss once again dominated Go, kicked him in the ribs, and threw him to the ground. He then stood by as he transformed into his Guyferd state. In rersponse, Bolguiss produced his whips, and narrowly missed his opponent with several strikes. Left open by his ranged weapons, Bolguiss was tackled by Guyferd, who tore one of the whips away. Luckily, Bolguiss was able to ensnare Guyferd by wrapping his remaining whip around his forearm. The electricity almost staggered Guyferd, but he remained standing while Bolguiss began to count down to the dam's detonation. When the dam did not explode, Guyferd used the whip connecting him to Bolguiss to swing him through the air before slamming him down on the ground and taking his whip in the process. Guyferd began to humiliate Bolguiss with a series of kicks before finally destroying him with his "Bakuraiha" attack, which caused the Mutian to explode.


Electric whips

Bolguiss can produce two long, black whips. Flowing through these is 500,000 volts of electricity, which is capable of electrocuting opponents.[1] When struck on the ground, they are capable of producing sparks.

Hostile anatomy

In close combat, Bolguiss may use his spiked head as a bludgeon.


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Video games


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