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Valcanon in Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd
Species Gaia Soldier
Height 192 centimeters
Weight 98 kilograms
Controlled by Zodiac
Relations Zodiac (creator)
Allies Zodiac
Enemies Go Kazama, Masato Kazama
First appearance Guyferd episode 25, "Earth's Last Day"

Valcanon (ヴァルカノン,   Varukanon) is a Gaia Soldier kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 25 of the 1996 tokusatsu kaiju series, Guyferd titled "Earth's Last Day."


Heisei era


"Earth's Last Day"

Valcanon was tasked by Zodiac to assassinate Rei Kujo, knowing that Guyferd would expend a great deal of energy reviving her, and Kidnapping Yu Kujo, knowing Guyferd would come to save him. When Guyferd was on his trail, He lured him into a trap (a large group of Fangs), to weaken him further. Valcanon was able to easily defeat Guyferd, but when Deathferd saw the outcome, he took his brother's place in battle and was able to turn Valcanon's dependence on his weapon against him. Valcanon knocked Deathferd over and then tried to strike him with his axe, but Deathferd dodged it and delivered a fatal ki attack to Valcanon.


Boomerang Axe

Valcanon uses a Boomerang Axe to fight his enemies.


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