Koichi Hayami

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Koichi Hayami
Koichi Hayami's Guyborg form in a promotional image for Guyferd: Operation Destroy Crown
Koichi Hayami's human form in a promotional image for Guyferd: Operation Destroy Crown
Species Modified Guyborg, formerly human
Height 1.73 meters[1]
Weight 68 kilograms[1]
Forms Human, Guyborg
Allies Guyferd, Takeo Shiroishi
Enemies Mutians, Guyborgs, Crown
First appearance Guyferd: Operation Destroy Crown

Koichi Hayami (速水 耕一,   Hayami Kōichi) is the protagonist of the 1998 video game Guyferd: Operation Destroy Crown. Originally a journalist investigating Crown, Hayami was captured by the nefarious corporation and converted into one of its cybernetically-enhanced footsoldiers known as Guyborgs. Despite this, he was able to escape the organization's control, and played a major part in dismantling it.


Hayami looks similar to the basic Guyborgs, but with a sleeker helmet and large shoulder pads. His profile on Crown's blacklist suggests he may be similar to the "Guyborg B" design, and concept art depicts Guyborg Bs with helmets much closer in design to Hayami's than to the modified Guyborg A helmets seen in the final product.


  • Guyferd (TV 1996) [mentioned, episode 17]


Hayami is only mentioned onscreen in the episode "Zodiac's Appearance!" However, Guyferd: Operation Destroy Crown establishes that he is involved behind the scenes throughout the show.

Video games

Guyferd: Operation Destroy Crown

Koichi was a journalist, hoping to report on the pharmaceutical organization Crown, but was captured during his investigation on September 17th of an unknown year and incarcerated in one of Crown's facilities. He awoke during a containment breach and was able to walk out of his cell and begin exploring the facility in search of a way out. By accessing computer terminals in the evacuated laboratories, he was able to learn a bit about Crown's evils, and learned of a former employee's wishes for whoever read his messages to help take them down. Following these instructions, he discovered his transformation into a Guyborg soldier, and fought off brainwashed soldiers on his quest to shut off the facility's main generator, which allows Takeo Shiroishi to escape and made contact with him before he eventually fights Jerks to leave the facility. He later infiltrated the Crown facility to help Shiroishi by finding information on Dogross. After accessing a door that he could not open the first time with a Crown access code, he found and fought Doggross, who fled before he was defeated. He then turned the power back on and found information on the Kujos and Doggross, which he gave to his allies by personal communications device.


Concept art



Targeting reticle

Hayami's Guyborg conversion gave him a targeting reticle that he can access in or out of his armor. He uses it primarily to destroy Command Spheres, sent out by Crown for surveillance.

Modular chipset

Hayami is able to upgrade his physical abilities with letter-coded chips developed by Crown. These include D Chips (Defense), A Chips (Attack), V Chips (Vitality), and S Chips (Speed).


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