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Koichi Hayami
Koichi Hayami in the manual for
Species Human
Forms Koichi Hayami, Guyborg
Allies Guyferd, Takeo Shiroishi
Enemies Mutians, Guyborgs, Crown
First appearance Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd: Crown's Devastating Strategy
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Koichi Hayami (速水耕一,   Hayami Kōichi) is a kaijin created by Toho and Capcom that first appeared in the 1998 tokusatsu kaiju Video Game, Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd: Crown's Devastating Strategy.

Design[edit | edit source]

Hayami looks similar to the basic Guyborgs, but with a different helmet and shoulder pads.

History[edit | edit source]

Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd: Crown's Devastating Strategy[edit | edit source]

Koichi was a reporter trying to learn the secrets of Crown, but was captured and put into the Guyborg program. After awaking in Crown Headquarters, he sneaks through the facility and finds the Crown board room, where he learns of his Guybord transformation, and successfully transforms. On his way out, he encounters several Crown Camera Spheres and Guyborgs, all of which, he destroys. While exploring the facility, he finds the destroyed surgical chamber from which Jerks escaped in The Birth of Guyferd, and gathers information on the Mutian from a Computer disc found at the scene. He later disables the facility's electricity, allowing Takeo Shiroishi to escape, and making contact with him before he eventually fights Jerks to leave the facility. He later infiltrated the Crown facility to help Shiroishi by finding information on Dogross. After accessing a door that he could not open the first time with a Crown access code, he found and fought Doggross, who fled before he was defeated. He then turns the power back on and finds information on the Kujos and Doggross, which he gives to his allies by personal communications device. He continues to help behind the scenes for the rest of the series, and is mentioned on screen in Zodiac's Appearance!.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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