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Subtitle(s) Electric Terror-Beast
(電子恐獣,   Denshi Kyōjū)[1]
Height 78 meters[2]
Weight 90,000 metric tons[2]
Place(s) of emergence Planet Garoga[1]
Controlled by Garogas
Allies Spideros
Enemies Godzilla, Zone Fighter
First appearance Zone Fighter episode 13,
"Hair-Raising! The Birthday of Terror"
Latest appearance Zone Fighter episode 25,
"Carnage! Zone & Godzilla vs. the Allied Terror-Beast Forces"

Garoborg (ガロボーグ,   Garobōgu) is an electric kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 13 of the 1973 tokusatsu kaiju series Zone Fighter, titled "Hair-Rasing! The Birthday of Terror."


Garoborg's name may be a portmanteau of "Garoga" and "cyborg", in reference to his origins of being created by the Garogas, and being a cyborg/robot.


Garoborg has a light blue body fitted with red metal ridges on certain parts of its body. One of these red beams extend down its chest and is adorned with golden circular lights. Above this is a darker gold panel with wires or tubing connected to it. These wires connect into Garoborg's round, orange, glass-encased head. Atop its head is a thick blue antennae, with a yellow light attached at its front and a red circular object at its tip. Garoborg has short blue arms, ending with two mechanical red digits on its left and a large claw on its right arm. These arms are fitted with two of the aforementioned ridges as well as two protruding circular objects. Finally, Garoborg's legs are hued the same shade as the rest of its body and also have ridges toward the upper thigh. These legs end with two toeless feet, decorated with two more red circular objects on their front as well as yellow ones on the inner heels.

For its reappaearance in "Carnage! Zone & Godzilla vs. the Allied Terror-Beast Forces," Garoborg lacks the power supply box on its chest as well as its glass dome. In addition, it also displays golden stubs at the end of its hands instead of the claw and hand the original Garoborg had.


Showa era

Zone Fighter

"Hair-Raising! The Birthday of Terror"

After a botched attempt on the Zone Family's life went sour, the Garogas unleashed Garoborg to finish the job. Hikaru Sakimori was quick to transform into Zone Fighter and grow to giant size to combat the mechanical beast. Garoborg was initially untouchable due to the large amounts of electricity radiating from its outer surface. Zone Fighter eventually used a tree and some static shock to deal damage to Garoborg, before realizing which parts of the monster's body fueled it. Zone destroyed said parts, allowing him to engage Garoborg in melee combat without suffering injury from the shocks. Before long, Zone Fighter along with Smokey finished off the monster.

"Carnage! Zone & Godzilla vs. the Allied Terror-Beast Forces"

A second Garoborg would team up with Spideros and fight Godzilla before having missiles fired through its body causing it to die.


Electric abilities

Garoborg is protected by high voltage currents and can create strong shocks that electrocute anything which makes direct contact with it. The source of its shocks is the power supply box on its head. Zone Fighter was unable to physically combat Garoborg without being shocked and forced back. According to All Kaiju Kaijin (First Volume), Garoborg can fire a Murderous Electric Beam (殺人エレキ光線 Satsujin Ereki Kosen) from the vacuum tube on the head, although this went unused.

Explosive steam

Garoborg can fire burning hot steam that explodes from the control box on its chest. It was able to knock over Zone Fighter in his human form to stop him from transforming.

Physical abilities

Garoborg possesses a sickle claw on its right hand, which it used to whack Zone Fighter and grab his neck while distributing an electrical shock through the claw. The second Garoborg instead had one golden right spike on its hand and two on the left.


Garoborg has a glass dome on its eyes and brain. The dome itself was rather weak, with Zone Fighter being able to break it with a single punch, and if damaged can make the beast lose its ability to create shocks. Garoborg is also unable to handle too much foreign energy entering its body, with parts of its body blowing off including its hands and the power supply box on its head.


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Garoborg reuses roars from the Ultraman Ace kaiju, King Crab.

King Crab's roars in Ultraman Ace,
reused for Garoborg


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