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Jikiro in Zone Fighter
Subtitle(s) Magnetic Terror-Beast
(マグネ恐獣,   Magune Kyōjū)[1]
(磁力恐獣,   Jiryoku Kyōjū)[2]
Species Garogan mecha
Height 78 meters[2]
Weight 95,000 metric tons[2]
Forms Super Jikiro (upgraded variant)
Place(s) of emergence Planet Garoga[1]
Controlled by Garogas
Allies Garogas
Enemies Zone Fighter
First appearance Zone Fighter episode 1,
"Destroy the Terror-Beast Missile!"
Latest appearance Zone Fighter episode 25,
"Carnage! Zone & Godzilla vs. the
Allied Terror-Beast Forces

Jikiro (ジキロ,   Jikiro) is a Terror-Beast created by Toho that appeared in episode 1 of the 1973 tokusatsu kaiju series Zone Fighter, titled "Destroy the Terror-Beast Missile!"


Jikiro resembles a robotic reptile. It has a hunched back, which results in its head being over its chest. His head is reptilian in appearance and has two red metal horns on its sides. The top of his body has two pylons rising out of it. His right hand can open as a pair of claws but also functions as a magnet, and his left hand has four gatling guns instead of fingers. Jikiro also has what looks like a giant red screw protruding from the top of his body. Just underneath this 'screw' is a large yellow lamp. Jikiro's body is mostly a metallic silver, but his kneecaps and elbow-plating are red.


Zone Fighter

Destroy the Terror-Beast Missile!

Baron Garoga sent Jikiro to Earth in a Terror-Beast Missile to ensure the quick destruction of the Zone Family. After Zone Fighter destroyed Red Spark, Jikiro confounded the hero with his magnetic abilities and electrical blast. The Zone Family came to his aid, however, as Zone Great took off one of the machine's arms with Bolt Thunder and the hidden aircraft Smokey recharged his energy. Following a thorough pummeling, Jikiro was destroyed by Zone Fighter's Meteor Missile Might attack.

Counterattack! Defeat Super Jikiro

Main article: Super Jikiro.

Later, the Garogas would reuse Jikiro's wreckage to create a more powerful variant of Mecha called 'Super Jikiro'.

Carnage! Zone & Godzilla vs. the Allied Terror-Beast Forces



Physical capabilities

During his first fight in "Destroy the Terror-Beast Missile!", Jikiro was able to knock Zone Fighter to the ground with just a backhanded strike. After attracting Zone Fighter with his magnet hand, he was able to restrain the hero before throwing him to the ground, doing this numerous times during the fight. While pulling down an airliner with his magnet hand, he repeatedly opened and shut it like a claw.

Magnetic properties

Jikiro's left hand is a giant blocky magnet, allowing him to attract metallic objects. Using this power, Jikiro was able to pull oil tanks and a radio tower out of the ground, rapidly draw in a passing airliner, and was even able to attract Zone Fighter himself. Jikiro's right hand can also pull things in magnetically, often accompanied by circular motions, although the left hand appears to be stronger, capable of pulling the 55,000 metric ton Zone Fighter with ease on multiple occasions. "Destroy the Terror-Beast Missile!" and Toho Special Effects All Monster Encyclopedia mention that both of Jikiro's wrists contain a strong magnetic force, being able to draw up to 5,000 metric tons of metal.

Light Bullets

Jikiro's right hand is a 4-barreled Gatling gun. In "Carnage! Zone & Godzilla vs. the Allied Terror-Beast Forces," he fired light bullets at Zone Fighter while he was in his human-sized form.


Jikiro is also able to shoot a jolt of yellow high-voltage lightning called the Magnetic Ray (磁気光線 Jiki Kosen) from his right hand. The Magnetic Ray enveloped Zone Fighter in a yellow light and floored him, also blowing up a fuel container Jikiro attracted with his magnet hand. Jikiro's tail flashes yellow before firing the lightning. According to All Kaiju Kaijin (First Volume), the hand is referred to as Magnetic Ray Gun (磁気光線銃 Jiki Kosen Ju).


Both times he was deployed, Jikiro fell from the skies with a parachute to help his descent to the Earth after being launched from the Terror-Beast Missile. The parachute detached from Jikiro's body after landing.


All Kaiju Kaijin (First Volume) states that Jikiro's armor is very powerful. During his first fight with Zone Fighter in "Destroy the Terror-Beast Missile!", the hero's physical attacks only seemed to annoy him. Jikiro first sustained damage after Zone Great fired the Bolt Thunder at his magnet hand, severing it. Unlike Red Spark, Jikiro was able to survive one volley of Zone Fighter's Meteor Missile Might, although it severed his other hand. The second volley blasted him to pieces.


Main article: Jikiro/Gallery.


Jikiro uses altered metallic-sounding Kamacuras screeches mixed with King Kong's roars.


  • Jikiro is the heaviest Terror-Beast, weighing 95,000 metric tons. The second-heaviest, Zandora, weighs in at 91,000 metric tons.


This is a list of references for Jikiro. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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