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The Eartheater
Subtitle(s) Mold Monster
(カビ怪獣,   Kabi Kaijū)[1]
Enemies Godzilla
First appearance Godzilla episode 2,
"The Eartheater"

The Eartheater is a subterranean monster that first appeared in the 1978 Godzilla episode, "The Eartheater."


The Eartheater is a quadrupedal, ankylosaur-like kaiju. Its head is colored orange on its upper half and brown on its lower jaw and has two brown prominent ridges over its orange eyes with a pair of small, orange antennae on them and a snout with zipper-like teeth and a pink tongue inside. Its round body is primarily brown with an orange patch running from the underside of its neck to its chest and olive green patches and blocky spikes running down its back to its tail, which has a gear-shaped tip that it uses as a weapon. Each of its feet have four blocky, olive-green toes.


Small earthquakes appeared in San Francisco, causing some buildings in the city to fall under the Earth's crust, around the same time Dr. Quinn has to go to a meeting in the area. When the Calico crew arrives, they find giant holes in place of buildings, and the Eartheater was in one of them. The crew uses their head lights to get away from the Eartheater, but it continues to follow them. Godzooky called Godzilla, and the Eartheater started to fight Godzilla. The Eartheater attacked Godzilla, and Godzilla attacked back with laser eye beams. The Eartheater then used a sonic blast which stunned Godzilla and retreated underground.

The Calico crew was planning to knock out the Eartheater with gas bombs, just when the Eartheater burrowed up from the ground. Godzooky called Godzilla again, and as the crew escaped, more tremors started happening, which made them loose control of the car. Godzilla picked the car up and put it somewhere safe, and started fighting the Eartheater again. Godzilla breathed fire on the Eartheater, and the monster used its sonic blasts, which Godzilla dodged. Godzilla started to grapple with the Eartheater until the Eartheater escaped Godzilla's grip and used its sonic blasts to escape from Godzilla.

Godzilla and the Calico crew looked for the Eartheater, and they found the monster at the Golden Gate Bridge. Godzilla immediately used its laser eyes on the Eartheater. The Eartheater tried killing Godzooky with its tail but Godzooky flew out of reach and the Eartheater hit the bridge under him instead, causing it to collapse and the Eartheater to fall down into the water, where it turned into mud.


In an underground tunnel with rocky walls, the Eartheater, a blocky ankylosaur-like monster colored in orange, brown, and splotches of olive green, angrily fires sonic blasts, represented by a stream of white, hazy rings, from the small antennae on its head. The monster is positioned at the right side of the screen, and only its upper body is visible.
The Eartheater's sonic blast attack

Sonic blasts

The Eartheater can emit sonic blasts from its antennae that were effective at stunning Godzilla during their battles and reduced buildings to rubble. These can also be used for burrowing, easily splitting open roads and allowing it to make an escape during their first battle.

Gear-headed tail

The Eartheater's tail has a gear-shaped tip, which was used to destroy a building as well as part of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Being a creature made of dirt, the Eartheater's main weakness is water. This proved to be the creature's demise as it fell from the Golden Gate Bridge, becoming mud in the water below.

The Eartheater, being a subterranean monster, was also shown as being adverse to bright lights. This allowed the Calico crew to ward off the monster during their initial encounter, though by the time it caught up to them on the surface and fought Godzilla, Captain Majors noted that it was "getting accustomed to the light."


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In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Japan.png Japanese アースイーター Āsuītā[1] Transcription of English name


  • The 43rd issue of DC Comics' Scooby-Doo Team-Up mentions that the Hanna-Barbera superheroes Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossibles defeated the likes of Godzilla, the Eartheater, and the Cyclops Creature, all of whom make a cameo in one panel alongside a recolored version of the Time Dragon with flaps under its arms and pointed spikes on its back. The monsters were apparently under the control of (if not created by) the Mad Inventor.


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