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Primitive Mothra® copyright icon Toho Company, Limited Monster
Primitive Mothra in Rebirth of Mothra III
Primitive Mothra®
Nicknames Cretaceous Mothra
Species Divine Moth
Length 15 meters[1]
Weight 2,000 metric tons[1]
Relations Mothra (Descendant),
Mothra Leo (Descendant)
Allies Other Primitive Mothras, Mothra Leo
Created by Masumi Suetani
Portrayed Puppets
First Appearance Rebirth of Mothra III

The Primitive Mothra (原始モスラ,   Genshi Mosura?) are Cretaceous divine moth kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1998 Toho film, Rebirth of Mothra III.


Although their imago form is never seen, the Primitive Mothras resemble most other examples of a Mothra Larva. However, their skin appears to be much thicker and bears what seems to be armour plating. Unlike modern Mothras, the eyes of a Primitive Mothra do not glow.


Heisei Series

Rebirth of Mothra III

Three Primitive Mothras first appeared after Rainbow Mothra's battle with Cretaceous Ghidorah. Rainbow Mothra was badly injured, and the three formed a cocoon around him, sealing him for millions of years so he could heal from his injuries, and millions of years later, it is revealed that the cocoon also caused Rainbow Mothra to evolve into Armor Mothra and become strong enough to defeat King Ghidorah.


  • Like all Mothra Larvae, the Primitive Mothras spray web from their mouths.

Video Games


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Matthew Dyet

6 months ago
Score 1
Why doesn't primitive mothra have a imago form?


10 months ago
Score 1
Just Mothra but with rocky skin. They're still kinda adorable though, in a strange way.


10 months ago
Score 1
It's just mothra, but scaly


10 months ago
Score 1
I don't know why I like Primitive Mothra so much, he's AWESOME!