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Nerscylla in Monster Hunter
Species Arachnid-like monsters
Height 3.5 meters[1]
Relations Eggs and hatchlings (offspring)
Allies Other Nerscylla
Enemies Natalie Artemis, The Hunter,
Master Sergeant Lincoln,
Sergeant Marshall, Sergeant Dash
First appearance Monster Hunter

Nerscylla (ネルスキュラ,   Nerusukyura) are arachnid monsters featured in the 2020 film, Monster Hunter. They are based on the monster species of the same name from the Capcom Monster Hunter video game franchise.


Nerscylla is named after the Mesopotamian god of plague and war, Nergal, and Neoscona scylla, the scientific name of an orb-weaver spider which itself was named after a sea monster from greek mythology.[2]


Nerscylla are nocturnal ambush predators who hunt in swarms. Though they are aggressive, they have a strong aversion to sunlight.


Nerscylla resemble arachnids such as spiders at first glance. However, they only have six limbs, four legs, and two forelimbs that resemble the forelimbs of mantids. They also possess multiple spikes on their back and an abdominal stinger. Their heads have large fangs on the top jaw and a bottom jaw that splits in half to create mandibles.

There are multiple differences between individual Nerscylla, such as the arrangement of the spikes on their back. Some are draped in a coating that appears to be the skin from other creatures.[3] While most have black heads with black eyes, one individual has a pale white head with blue eyes.

Selected history

Reiwa era

Monster Hunter

After inadvertently traveling to another dimension, the New World, and escaping from a Black Diablos, U.S. Army Ranger Captain Natalie Artemis and her United Nations squadron had only a moment to catch their breath before they were attacked by a Nerscylla. The giant arachnid grabbed Artemis with its forelimbs before stabbing her with its abdominal stinger, injecting its venom into her and knocking her out. Master Sergeant Lincoln shot it in its eye, making it release the unconscious Artemis. As the other soldiers started firing upon the monster, it retreated. While the soldiers tried to treat Artemis, more Nerscylla arrived to attack them, forcing them to retreat and leave her behind. The Hunter, a warrior from the New World, watched the Nerscylla swarm chase the soldiers into a canyon from afar. He then fired explosives at the swarm, killing two Nerscylla. A group from the swarm took notice of the Hunter and turned their attention to him, causing him to run. After helping Sergeant Dash up after she fell, Marshall was then lifted into the air by a Nerscylla's webs. After a futile attempt to break free, the monster crushed his head in its jaws. While the remaining soldiers kept running, the Hunter blocked the Nerscylla from entering his hideout after dropping down a spiked door. Artemis woke up, only to come face-to-face with a Nerscylla, who then used its stinger to spray webbing on her and cocoon her.

Artemis regained consciousness in the Nerscylla's nest and escaped from her cocoon. She discovered the hanging corpse of Dash and Marshall's dog tag. After taking materials from one of the soldiers' bags, she lit a flare and found Nerscylla eggs, as well as Lincoln, still alive but experiencing chest pains. They proceeded through the nest, unaware of the Nerscylla following them. After spotting a nearby exit, Artemis set off a flare to try and see what was happening to Lincoln. Multiple boils appeared his Lincoln's body, which burst open as Nerscylla hatchlings crawled out of them. The Nerscylla trailing them grabbed the wounded man and fed him to its other, larger offspring. When another Nerscylla tried to attack Artemis, she set the monsters aflame with her flare and an oxygen canister. While one squirmed in pain, another continued after her. Artemis ran away from the arachnid and narrowly reached the exit of the nest, only to be dragged back in. After receiving a wound on her leg, Artemis threw her remaining bullets onto the flaming Nerscylla, detonating the gunpowder inside of them. While the Nerscylla was distracted by the explosions, Artemis climbed out of the exit and into the daylight. The Nerscylla swarm on the surface quickly revealed themselves. Artemis tried to run, only for the wound on her leg to stop her. Fortunately, they proved unwilling to charge at her while the sun was in the sky.

After the Hunter captured Artemis, the Nerscylla attempted again to break into his hideout at nightfall, to no avail. Artemis escaped the next morning and found herself locked in battle against the Hunter after destroying one of his prayer figurines. They rolled down a hill, with the Hunter crashing through one of the Nerscylla's hills. As Nerscylla gathered beneath him, Artemis decided to save him. Once the two humans joined forces and resolved to defeat the Black Diablos still patrolling the area, they set a trap to catch a Nerscylla and obtain its venom to use as a weapon. Artemis lured one out of the nest and into the trap, and a rope was wrapped around its leg to restrain it. After being immobilized, the Nerscylla attempted to stab Artemis with its legs. The Hunter, who was propped atop a rock, jumped down at the monster and used his large Great Sword to cut its head in half. After cutting off and grabbing the stinger, Artemis and the Hunter fled as the other Nerscylla came out to attack, escaping the swarm just in time.


Stinger venom

Nerscylla can release tranquilizing venom from their stingers, potent enough to immediately knock out a human. The Hunter fired an arrow dipped in Nerscylla venom into the eye of a Black Diablos, dazing it.


Nerscylla can shoot webbing from their stingers, using it to build their hives and to capture or cocoon their victims.

Physical capabilities

Nerscylla use their large mandibles, strong enough to crush a human's head, to eat their prey. Their carapace is strong enough to protect them from bullets.


Nerscylla appear to have two methods of reproduction. The first method is laying a cluster of eggs wrapped in a cocoon-like growth that hangs from the ceiling of the hive. The second method is parasitic: they will lay their eggs inside of a victim, initially causing pain and boils. Once the hatchlings emerge from the boils, they will feed on the victim’s body.

Poison needles

The back of the Nerscylla is covered in poisonous crystalline needle-like growths.[3]


Nerscylla are shown to have multiple weaknesses. Due to having a nocturnal lifestyle, they do not like light enough to the point they will give up on trying to catch easy prey. They also appear to be harmed by fire as after Artemis sprayed them with fire, most of the Nerscylla proceeded to panic and squirm. Despite their durable carapaces, Nerscylla are still somewhat vulnerable to bullets, as shown when Lincoln blinded one with a shot to the eye. A Nerscylla easily had its head sliced in half after the Hunter jumped down at it with the oversized blade of his Great Sword. Nerscylla are also susceptible to explosions as seen when the hunter was able to kill two with explosives that were attached to an arrow and when gunpowder from thrown bullets were set off by one's flaming hide.


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  • Nerscylla shares its namesake with another arachnid-like monster, the Monsterverse Titan Scylla.
  • Although sharing the same overall silhouette as its video game counterpart, the film version of Nerscylla appears to be the most altered out of all the monsters featured. Its head in particular was redesigned, with its six eyes moved to the sides of its face instead of being clustered together on the front. Only one Nerscylla individual in the film retains the white head and blue eyes of the video game version.

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