Energy Beast

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Energy Beast
The Energy Beast
Subtitle(s) Meteorite Monster
(隕石怪獣,   Inseki Kaijū)[1]
Species Meteor Alien
Forms Tree Form, Normal Form,
Godzilla Doppelgänger
Enemies Godzilla
First appearance Godzilla episode 6,
"The Energy Beast"

The Energy Beast (エナジー・ビースト,   Enajī Bīsuto) is an alien kaiju created by Hanna-Barbera that appeared in the 1978 Godzilla episode, "The Energy Beast."


The Energy Beast came to Earth in a UFO that intitially looked like a meteor. After landing, he took the shape of a tree. When a group of engineers from a nearby dam checked the area, they saw the gigantic foot prints leading to the tree. Thinking nothing of them, they returned to the dam. The Calico and crew soon came to the site, and while looking at the dam from the outside, they spotted the Energy Beast on top of it. It soon started to absorb electricity, and the Calico crew called on Godzilla, who was quickly defeated by the Energy Beast's electric ball.

The Energy Beast managed to escape as Godzilla retreated to fix the dam that was damaged. The Energy Beast soon turned into a replica of Godzilla and started to attack power plants to absorb electricity. When Godzilla caught up to the Energy Beast, the two battled, and Godzilla was defeated once again and covered by an avalanche of boulders.

Godzilla got out of the boulders shortly after the copy left, and Godzilla wanted revenge. The copy and Godzilla dueled until the Energy Beast's power ran out. He returned to his normal size and tried to escape to his ship. Godzilla picked the ship up and hurled it into space, sending the Energy Beast back to where it came from.


Electric ball

The Energy Beast can form an electric ball in his pincers and then throw it at an enemy to stun them.


The Energy Beast's front legs are tipped with pincer like appendages that he can use to cut objects.


The Energy Beast can coil around a foe to subdue them. He will not let go until the foe dies or he is somehow removed.

Electric absorption

The Energy Beast can absorb electricity to grow bigger and stronger.


The Energy Beast can turn into a replica of things that are its size. He can also mimic their powers exactly.


Extreme pressures will cause the Energy Beast to shrink and lose power.



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