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Ghogo™ copyright icon
Ghogo in Rebirth of Mothra II
Alternate names Gorgo[1][2]
Subtitle(s) Legendary Beast
(伝説獣,   Densetsu-jū)[3]
Species Fairy
Height 20 centimeters[1]
Weight 0.9 kilograms[1]
Allies The Elias, Mothra Leo
Enemies Dagahra
Created by Masumi Suetani
Played by Puppet
First appearance Rebirth of Mothra II

Ghogo (ゴーゴ,   Gōgo) is a fairy kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1997 Toho film, Rebirth of Mothra II.


While "Ghogo" is Toho's officially trademarked English name for the creature, he is called Gorgo in the English-dubbed international version of the film. This spelling is also used in the English credits on Sony Pictures Home Entertainment's 2014 Blu-ray release of the film.[2]


Ghogo has a long yellow-white fur coat which covers his whole body except for his eyes, antenna and claws. He has big white eyes, also with large black pupils, with an antenna on his head that takes roughly a fourth of his total height. He moves constantly by hopping, with feet similar to chickens' claws.


Heisei era

Rebirth of Mothra II

Ghogo is sent to Okinawa to find help after Dagahra is released, and he finds Shiori Uranai and two other children. He and the Elias convince them to return to the Nilai-Kanai Temple. He leads them to Princess Yuna, and it is revealed that he has the power to heal Mothra Leo. He turns him into Rainbow Mothra, giving up his life in the process.



Ghogo can merge with Mothra Leo. He has not been shown to do this with any other kaiju.


Ghogo's urine heals all wounds.


Ghogo is an extraordinary jumper.

Psychic abilities

Ghogo has psychic abilities.

Video games

Godzilla: Trading Battle

Ghogo makes an appearance in Godzilla: Trading Battle through an effect card called "Fairy Ghogo" (妖精ゴーゴ,   Yōsei Gōgo).


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