Kaishin Muba

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Kaishin Muba
Kaishin Muba in Yamato Takeru
Alternate names Kaishin, Moova, God Kaishin
Species Water God
Length 38 meters[1]
Weight 2,000 metric tons[1]
First appearance Orochi, the Eight-Headed Dragon
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Kaishin Muba (海神ムーバ,   Kaishin Mūba, lit. "Ocean God Muba") is a water god kaiju who first appeared in the 1994 Toho film Orochi, the Eight-Headed Dragon.


Kaishin Muba's name literally means "Ocean God Muba" in Japanese. Onscreen, it is only ever called Kaishin (海神,   Kaishin, lit. "Ocean God"). Godzilla Toho Giant Monster Pictorial Book gives the creature the English name Moova. Some merchandise instead refers to Kaishin Muba as God Kaishin (ゴッドカイシン,   Goddo Kaishin).


Heisei era

Orochi, the Eight-Headed Dragon

Kaishin Muba was first called on to attack Oto and Osu by Sukinowa. He shot beams and constricted the boat with his tentacles, and it drug Osu underwater to drown him. Oto saved Osu, but she was grabbed by Kaishin Muba. Sukinowa ended the spell, and Kaishin Muba disappeared with Oto.



Kaishin Muba has constricting tentacles.

Water Mirror Ray

Kaishin Muba can fire a magical energy ray from the jewel on his forehead called the Water Mirror Ray (水鏡光線 Mizukagami Kosen).[2]

Slimy skin

Kashin Muba has slimy skin, enabling him to resist fire.

Storm generation

Kashin Muba's very presence induces large storms, even while being summoned.

Water manipulation

According to Yamato Takeru Super Complete Works, Kashin Muba can manipulate water, although he did not demonstrate this ability in the film.[2]


Kaishin Muba's roar was later reused for the Tyrannosaurus rex in Rebirth of Mothra 3.

Kaishin Muba's roars in Orochi, the Eight-Headed Dragon


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