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Toho Company, Limited Kaijin.png
H-Man in The H-Man
Alternate names Liquid Man, Liquid Person, Liquid People
Subtitle(s) Liquefied​ Transforming Human
(液化受身人間,   Ekika Ukemi Ningen)[1]
Liquefied Mutant
(溶解ミュータント,   Yōkai Myūtanto)[2]
Species Irradiated Liquefied Human
Height Indeterminate[3]
Weight Indeterminate[3]
Forms Amorphous blob, Humanoid
Place(s) of emergence Tokyo sewers[4]
First appearance The H-Man

The H-Man (液体人間,   Ekitai Ningen, lit. Liquid Human) is a radioactive liquid kaijin created by Toho that first appeared in the 1958 tokusatsu kaiju film, The H-Man.


In Japanese, this kaijin's name is Ekitai Ningen (液体人間), which translates to Liquid Human or Liquid Man. In international releases, it is given the English name H-Man, which comes from the abbreviation for the element hydrogen and is likely meant to emulate the term "H-bomb."


The H-Man is a deadly liquid organism created when the crew of the ship Ryujin Maru II were directly exposed to radiation from a hydrogen bomb detonation. This radiation converted the crewmembers' cells into a new type of organism capable of changing form and disintegrating any other life with which it comes into contact.


The H-Man



Lethal Touch

The H-Man dissolves a police officer.

The H-Man can dissolve living organisms, including humans, with its touch.

Shape Shifting

The H-Man takes on a human form.

The H-Man is a shape shifter and is able to assume the form of its victims.


H-Men being incinerated by a wall of flames.

The H-Man can be killed by incineration or electrocution with a high voltage of electricity.


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23 months ago
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I really need to watch this one's film.


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Kool concept though I haven't seen the movie