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Giant Rat and Giant Lizard
The Area 51 Mutations in Godzilla: The Series
Species Mutated rat and lizard
Enemies Godzilla
Designed by Fil Barlow
First appearance Godzilla: The Series
episode 31, "Area 51"
For the rats from Latitude Zero, see Giant Rat. For the rats featured previously in Godzilla: The Series, see Mutant Rat.

The Area 51 Mutations are two monsters who appear in episode 10 of the second season of Godzilla: The Series, entitled "Area 51."


The Giant Rat has six legs, four in the front with three claws, and two in the back with two claws. The Giant Rat is covered in gray hair with it spiking up on its neck. The Giant Rat has a spike on the tip of its tail. Its head features sunken in yellow eyes, and two large buck teeth.

The Giant Lizard has green skin with spikes running down its back. It has two front legs with two claws and two back legs with three claws and a dewclaw. Its head features two rows of spikes on its top and a mouth filled with sharp teeth. It doesn't appear to have a neck. The Giant Lizard has yellow eyes above its front legs.


The Giant Rat and Giant Lizard are two of the many mutations that were created by underground nuclear testing in Area 51.


Godzilla: The Series

"Area 51"

After being created by American nuclear tests at Area 51, the Giant Rat and Giant Lizard were collected by the U.S. military and kept in Area 51 where they were tested to see if they could offer anything beneficial to humanity. They were then kept there in secret alongside the Thorny Devil and the Giant Armadillo, until the others escaped into the above-ground facility. They are the only two Mutations that are shown not to have escaped, although it is unknown if any other Mutations were kept on the facility.


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