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Godzilla: The Series Episodes
"Area 51"
"The Twister"
"Area 51"
Area 51
Series Godzilla: The Series
Episode # 32
Directed by Alan Caldwell
Written by Jeff Wynne
Air date 2/5/2000

"Area 51" is the thirty-second episode of Godzilla: The Series and the eleventh episode of season 2.


Two conspiracy theorists sneak into Area 51, a United States Air Force installation in Nevada. They are greeted by a giant armadillo, who nearly tramples them as they escape through the same vent they entered, but not before one snaps a series of photos.

At their Staten Island base, H.E.A.T. tests Godzilla's responses to music, with Niko Tatopoulos believing it to be the first step towards greater communication with him. Country music bores him, but a rock tune agitates him enough to destroy the speakers inside his cave with atomic breath. The latter track was slipped in by Randy Hernandez, as part of his campaign to annoy everyone else on the team. He scatters Elsie Chapman's papers as he tests out a wheeled windsurfer, then asks Monique Dupre to a Radicals concept. After they put him to work, a news report on Area 51 catches Elsie's eye. The two truth-seekers who broke into the base reveal one of their photos, which they claim is an "alien cruiser." Randy enhances the photo, revealing it to be a head-on shot of the giant armadillo.

H.E.A.T. travels to Area 51, where dozens of alien enthusiasts are camped outside. The doctor in charge of the base, Candace Kirk, emerges to announce that the recent photos are fakes. Nick approaches her, but she brushes him off, claiming that the base is only used for "agricultural experiments." Undeterred, H.E.A.T. uses N.I.G.E.L. to break into the base, but Candace soon catches them. Her cover story quickly collapses as the giant armadillo appears before them. She and the soldiers accompanying her immobilize it with electrified control prods, but it quickly recovers and crushes their Jeep. Randy hatches a plan to trap it in the roots of a nearby mesquite plant and helps Monique lure it into place. In the process, a plastic explosive meant to expose the roots destroys N.I.G.E.L.

Candace lets H.E.A.T. further inside the base and explains that Area 51 was originally used for underground nuclear testing in the 1950's. She shows them two more mutations under study: a lizard and rat. She also reveals that a second mutation escaped its enclosure: the Thorny Devil, an armored reptile.

H.E.A.T. tries to help the military tranquilize the Thorny Devil. Randy and Candace hit it off, especially after she plays a Radicals CD during their hunt. The Thorny Devil soon reemerges, revealing a stabbing tongue and a toxic spike launcher on top of its head. Burrowing into the base, Godzilla intercepts the mutation, but its armor proves resistant to his atomic breath. The Thorny Devil gains the upper hand, throwing Godzilla over its head and stabbing him with its spikes. Randy cobbles together a new windsurfer and shoots the Thorny Devil with a tranquilizer dart, but the dart quickly falls out and it pins him to a perimeter wall with its spikes. Godzilla recovers and knocks the Thorny Devil on its back with a tail whip, then kills it with his atomic breath. He exits by barreling through the same wall, causing a stir among the true believers outside. As H.E.A.T. drives away, Monique accepts Randy's offer to go to the Radicals concert, although she is dejected when he exclaims that he plans to invite Candace as well.


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