Audrey Timmonds

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Audrey Timmonds
Audrey Timmonds in GODZILLA (1998)
Species Human
Nationality American
Occupation Newsroom assistant,G98
Television news reporterGTS
Related to Niko Tatopoulos (love interest)
First appearance GODZILLA (1998)
Played by Maria Pitillo,G98 Paget Brewster (voice),GTS
Atsuko Tanaka (voice, Japanese dub)GTS

Audrey Timmonds is a supporting protagonist in the 1998 film GODZILLA, and a recurring character in Godzilla: The Series.



Audrey always dreamed of being a news reporter. When Audrey asked her boss Charles Caiman to be promoted from an administrative assistant to a reporter, he asked her on an extramarital date, causing her to storm out of the building. She later met her friend and co-worker Victor "Animal" Palotti and his wife at a restaurant, where they told her that she must toughen up to become successful in New York. At that moment she saw her college sweetheart Niko Tatopoulos on a TV news report regarding a recent shipping accident caused by an unknown force. Shortly afterward, a giant monster came ashore in New York while Audrey was in the restaurant, with Animal leaving to film it. After Manhattan was evacuated by the military, Audrey snuck back into the city using a fake press pass. She eventually tracked Tatopoulos down and reconnected with him at his research station, where he told her of his research into the giant monster. When Tatopoulos discovered that the creature reproduced asexually and was soon going to lay eggs and left to tell the military leaders about it, Audrey, deciding to take her friends' advice to "toughen up", took some tapes and Nick's research to her news station in a pre-recorded news story with herself as the reporter. When the story finally aired, Audrey was shocked to discover that Caiman had edited himself into the report, taking credit for her story and mispronouncing the creature's name, "Gojira," as "Godzilla."

Later on, she and her friend Victor "Animal" Palotti discovered Tatopoulos' plan to find Godzilla's nest and traveled into the subway tunnels to follow him and some French secret servicemen into Madison Square Garden. Eventually Nick and the French team leader Philippe Roaché discovered Audrey and Animal, but at that time the Baby Godzillas had hatched from their eggs and were running rampant in the arena. Using the arena's broadcasting equipment, Audrey broadcast a live news report across the city, showing the hundreds of Baby Godzillas roaming through the arena. Anthony Hicks gave the order to destroy Madison Square Garden, and gave the group a few minutes to escape before the demolition. Roaché managed to get all of them safely out of the arena before the military destroyed the building with F-18 fighter jets, only for the adult Godzilla to emerge from below the street and discover his dead offspring. Godzilla, associating Audrey and the others with the death of his young, gave chase to them across the city. The humans managed to jack a taxi cab to escape from the monster, but were contacted by Hicks, who told them to lure Godzilla to the Brooklyn Bridge. The taxi eventually reached the bridge, where Godzilla became entangled in the suspension cables, allowing three F-18s to easily kill him with missile fire. As the monster lay dead on the bridge, Audrey broadcast herself interviewing Nick, the man responsible for stopping Godzilla's reign of terror. When Caiman asked Audrey to work as his co-anchor, she informed him that she quit.

Godzilla: The Series

"New Family: Part 1"

After Audrey concluded her interview with Nick, he left to go speak with Anthony Hicks regarding the possibility of one of Godzilla's young surviving. Days later, Audrey had received a job as a television news reporter, with Victor "Animal" Palotti working as her cameraman. Concerned that Nick had been avoiding her the last several days, Audrey and Animal snuck into Nick's makeshift research laboratory near the Hudson River. When Nick confronted Audrey, the now-adult Godzilla he had found in the ruins of Madison Square Garden emerged from the river and stood behind them. Godzilla stared at the group before returning to the river, while Nick explained that he was simply working on Mendel Craven's advanced robot N.I.G.E.L. Audrey and Animal returned to the compound to discover what Nick was really up to, only to come face-to-face with Godzilla. Nick ran out of the building and tried to explain that this Godzilla was different from the first one, only for Hicks and several military units to arrive and attack Godzilla. Godzilla was struck by missile fire and fell into the river, seemingly killed.

"New Family: Part 2"

Nick became furious at Audrey for Godzilla's apparent demise, believing she had called the military about it. Audrey and Animal denied it, claiming they hadn't been at the compound long enough to alert the military. After discovering the real perpetrator of the call, French secret servicewoman Monique Dupre, Nick and his fellow scientists traveled to Jamaica to investigate sightings of a monster there. Audrey and Animal followed them there, and finally encountered Nick on a beach where he was examining the desiccated corpses of several Mutant Giant Squids. While Audrey tried to interview Nick, Crustaceous Rex emerged from the ocean and came ashore. Audrey and Animal managed to escape from the creature, while Nick and his team, with the help of Godzilla, defeated C-Rex.

"Talkin' Trash"

Audrey reported on the current state of the New York sanitation worker strike, which had led to an increase of garbage piles in the city's streets. This motivated City Hall to provide grant money for research into a new way to use nanobots to dissolve the garbage.

"Cat and Mouse"


"Bug Out"

"Future Shock"

In the alternate 2022 where D.R.A.G.M.A.s conquered the planet, Audrey moved with her husband to New Zealand, where relatively few of the monsters lived.

"Cash of the Titans"


"End of the Line"

"Tourist Trap"

"The Ballad of Gens Du Marais"



Godzilla: The Series


  • Audrey was to play a smaller role in the 1998 film's unmade sequel, where she would be briefly married with Nick before divorcing him after he sets off to investigate a pack of Godzillas in the Australian outback. While this film was cancelled, Audrey was ultimately retained as Nick's love interest in Godzilla: The Series.


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