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V'drell in Kong of Skull Island
Species Human
Nationality Polynesian
Occupation Atu Shaman
Related to Usana (Daughter)
First appearance Kong of Skull Island #1
You think I would live in the shadows of these monsters and not prepare to kill a Kong? I have killed kings! And I will not hesitate to rip the next one from your belly!

— V'drell's last words: a threat to Ewata in Issue 6.

V'drell is the Shaman of the Atu people, who is the first main antagonist of the 2016 comic series Kong of Skull Island.


Kong of Skull Island

Kong of Skull Island #1

After a victory by conceit over the Tagu people in a Kong fight, V'drell took this as a sign that the gods had chosen to bless their people. He facilitated a celebration of this feat by sacrificing the basket of offerings from the Atu people. V'drell and his seers later were summoned to the Great Mouth, a volcano on the island whose increasing activity he and the Tagu king had been trying to halt for days. On relaying the situation to the Tagu prince K'reti, V'drell decided that the Tagu and Atu must make use of the Tagu ships if their cultures were to survive the impending cataclysm. The Tagu king was not a fan of this decision, as the Tagu alone built and relied on the ships, and they would not be able to accommodate everyone. V'drell used this as a chance to attack the Tagu's monotheistic beliefs, and accuse them of bringing their god's wrath on the island. K'reti began to accuse V'drell of corruption, but V'drell's daughter Usana reminded them that while they had many differences they were still of one blood. V'drell saw this, but reminded the group that there would still be animosity among the people, and in a show of good faith to bring their people together, decided that Usana and K'reti would be wed. V'drell then prepared for the wedding and the evacuation.

Kong of Skull Island #2

As Usana's wedding outfit was prepared, V'drell reminded her that the wedding was a tribute to the gods to ensure their protection in the face of imminent destruction and that they would shape the future as Usana payed them tribute.

Kong of Skull Island #3

After the eruption of the Great Mouth, it was discovered that one of the evacuation ships had gone missing. In order to promote peace, the Tagu King decided that he and the wounded would stay behind with V'drell and his anointed followers to heal them until one of the ships could return. However, V'drell stowed away on one of the ships and ordered his followers to kill the Tagu king. On board, Usana lured K'reti down to their chambers, where V'drell hid behind a door, and gutted K'reti with his ceremonial glove. All the while, he claimed to have killed them both in the name of gaining the favor of the gods in the new world.

Kong of Skull Island #4

When the ship had safely been docked for most of the day, V'drell jumped off the back and walked onto the shore, telling the awestruck onlookers that he was caring for the wounded when the island sank, he awoke on the ocean floor and had simply started walking and was lead to Skull Island, much to the peoples' rejoicing. He proceeded to claim that as he walked he received visions from the gods that ensured that they were destined to hold dominion over the entirety of Skull Island, rather than simply the beaches.

Kong of Skull Island #5

In the trying times of the next five days on Skull Island, the people turn to V'drell and his resolve out of their fear, and each day more Tagu joined his cause. He continued his rituals of object sacrifice in order to gain the favor of the gods while preaching that Skull Island was a test from the gods and a learning experience. Ewata then came out of the crowd to suggest that V'drell utilize the values he preached, as she had found a blood trail leading to the lair of the demons that had taken many of their citizens. V'drell attempted to brush her off, by claiming she was politicizing the event and did not believe that Skull Island was a test from the gods. Ewata, however, suggested that V'drell and Usana join her hunting party to ensure they were protected by the gods in the jungle. In the jungle, they encountered an onslaught so voracious that the Kong could barely hold their own and all seemed dire until Ewata called for her Kong Valla to use a Triceratops' skull as a weapon. After she was victorious, Ewata let her rest, but V'drell ordered her to move forward, as they still had far to go. V'drell was angered by this, but the Atu Kong trainer Gret agreed that the Kong needed to rest, as their physical limitations had been pushed as it was. V'drell went off to pray, and discovers that the scent of the dwellings of the larger demons warded away the smaller ones. V'drell and the rest of the party then got to mixing a type of incense to ward the monsters away. Later, Usana learned that Ewata was not loyal to the crown, but would do what was best for the Taguatu people, and that she suspected V'drell of corruption. Taking this message of dissent to he father, Usana remarked that after creating chaos, they needed to restore order to gain the trust of the people, and become virtual gods. After Ewata threw up in the woods, Usana overheard one of her friends accusing her of being pregnant. On hearing this information, V'drell insisted that they needed to kill Ewata and the heir she carried so as to prevent the royal Tagu blood from overthrowing their claim to the throne. Usana refused to harm the child, but V'drell informed her that the demons would kill it for them as he created a new mixture to attract monsters. To settle his daughter's mind, he reminded her that the demons would not wait until the child was a leader, and that they could not afford to either. V'drell then gave Ewata his sabotaged mixture, before she was ordered not to lead the party into a cavern filled with the decomposing carcasses of the big demons. Ewata, two of her followers, and three Kong climbed the rock face into the great cavern, as down below the remaining party members were surrounded and a Giant two-headed Deathrunner emerged from the cavern.

Kong of Skull Island #6

In light of this, Usana's guards urged for the party to retreat, but Usana reminded them of V'drell's vision of conquest, and threw pheromones at the approaching horde. Unfortunately, they were not fooled and used he resulting cloud of powder to launch their attack. However, before they caused any harm, they all ran away at the call of their master. A Kong Trainer realized they were headed for Ewata, and despite orders from V'drell to remain with Usana, he went to help Ewata, who had helped to save so many lives, joking that V'drell had long instilled a disregard for royalty into the Atu people. This insubordination outraged V'drell, who decreed that Ewata was a traitor and demanded that she not survive the battle. The warriors, however, were busy with the demons. However, Ewata's Kong Valla began to climb up the mountain, leading V'drell to realize that the gods were calling for him to kill her himself. As he made his way to the mountain, he drove his ceremonial gauntlet directly though a demon's body. While he was climbing, the Kong Valla tried to attack him, but V'drell had prepared for such an occasion and blew toxic powder into Valla's face while revealing that he had killed K'reti to Ewata, who then leaped down from her ledge and bludgeoned V'drell to death with a rock.


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