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K'vanni in Kong of Skull Island #12
Species Human
Nationality Polynesian
Occupation Queen of the Taguatu
Related to Ewata (mother),
Sani (second cousin)
First appearance Kong of Skull Island #6

K'vanni is the child Queen of the Taguatu, who is a major character of the 2016 comic series Kong of Skull Island.


Kong of Skull Island

Issue 6

Despite an attempt on her prenatal life by the shaman V'drell, K'vanni is born to Ewata, and is the heiress to the throne of the newly formed Taguatu people, after her father, the late Prince K'reti. As a sleeping infant, K'vanni was taken into the jungle beyond the wall by her mother to meet the banished Kong Valla, who had saved her life from V'drell.

Issue 7

K'vanni slept through a ceremony commemorating her birth, at which her mother Ewata accepted her place as Queen until her daughter was old enough to assume the throne.

Issue 8

After the exiled Kong Valla arrived at the wall with an orphaned infant Kong, Ewata accepted it and allowed K'vanni to raise it. The two became fast friends.

Issue 9

In the following nine years, K'vanni experienced a Deathrunner attack that was used as leverage by a man called Aguul in his argument that humans must replace Kong as their main defense. Because Aguul sent a militant to combat a Deathrunner that came out of the mines near the village, despite Ewata's having stationed Kong there for just such an occasion, Ewata went to reprimand him with K'vanni in tow. Aguul proclaimed that expansion and the building of his proposed fortress in the jungle were necessary, and he appealed to K'vanni that she would understand the need to exterminate all creatures that posed a threat to their people when she became Queen. Ewata scoffed at this idea, telling Aguul that his proposal would cost many lives, and told him that the Atu gods did not protect them on Skull Island. K'vanni then reminded Ewata, that as the leader of both the Atu and the Tagu, the Atu gods were in a sense her gods as well. Flustered, Ewata escorted K'vanni to her lessons. At home, when Ewata asked about her day with the Storyteller, K'vanni began to question her decision to not allow construction of a citadel in the jungle, citing the fact that the Kong had been dangerous when they were first found but were domesticated, and asked why the same could not be done with the Deathrunners. Ewata grew angry, and explained to K'vanni that she could not tame nature. K'vanni then saw fit to remind her mother that she had the blood chosen by the gods, and that maybe she could do it. Ewata grew furious and reminded K'vanni that she was just a child with no idea of the horrors of the world around her. K'vanni then ran from her home and down to the coast where she watched a Marine Iguana leap from the water. Eesa the engineer then approached her and said that she understood K'vanni's difficulties with her mother, having been one herself. K'vanni then asked to see what they were building in the jungle, and Eesa arranged for her to visit the site the following day, and when K'vanni asked to bring her Kong, Eesa obliged. The next day, instead of going to class, K'vanni met with the Citadel project's leader Aguul, and later she and her Kong went to see them.

Issue 10

While sitting with Eesa at the citadel, K'vanni recounted the tale of how her hair turned white as Eesa brushed it. When she was a little girl, on a lesser holiday, K'vanni and Kong had gone to the unmanned mines. She was not allowed to go in alone, but had never been told why. After that she was attacked by a Slasher Deathrunner and fell unconscious. When she awoke, she was hanging in a web of vines above a Deathrunner nest. She screamed and called out for days before the Deathrunners came to watch her struggle from the opening above the pit as the babies hatched. When her mother found her, her hair was white. After this, K'vanni was never allowed to go into the island, which had inspired her to come see the citadel, which was much more far along than she had expected. At that point, a man blew a Scent Trigger into Kong's face, and Aguul put a cloth across K'vanni's face, claiming that he was securing the Taguatu's future. She awoke tied between two stone pillars. Aguul tried to comfort the frightened girl by telling her that it was a difficult decision, but her anointed sacrifice would unite the Taguatu and restore the blessings of the gods. K'vanni began to cry and began to plea for her life, but the aromatic triggers that had been laid out successfully summoned a Kong. Unfortunately, it was The Ghost.

Issue 11

K'vanni was grabbed by the Ghost, and taken to her lair, where the surrounding Deathrunners were more than eager to attack her, but were brushed out of the way by the Ghost's gargantuan arm.

Issue 12

K'vanni was then confined in a rudimentary cage made of bones. After awhile, Kong arrived and began to attack the Deathrunners while K'vanni advised them to leave her friend alone. Kong leaped upon his mother and slammed her onto some bones, impaling her. He then wrenched the bones loose from around K'vanni. Ewata then came for the remaining Deathrunners with a sword and they fled, allowing K'vanni to reunite with her mother. When they returned to the Citadel, K'vanni saw Gret, her mother's lover, on the wall. Eesa, who was there as well, thanked her gods that K'vanni was alive. When the party returned to the city, they found the city wall was missing a large portion, but when they entered they found that Sani was dead. The conspirators against Ewata were given mercy by the people, but were not allowed to leave public spaces or enter the jungle. However, in light of the tragedies, all of the Kong were set free into the island, including K'vanni's Kong. Ewata pleaded K'vanni's forgiveness for her selfish behavior that had lead her to be put in harm's way, but K'vanni was understanding. K'vanni's level headedness throughout the conflict lead Ewata to believe she was ready for the Crown, and as queen, K'vanni made sure the Kong were revered and protected like gods.



  • While K'vanni is not seen until issue 6, Ewata is pregnant with her from the start of the series, though she does not realize until issue 2. Valla, however, realized it in issue 1.


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