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Aguul in Kong of Skull Island
Species Human
Nationality Polynesian
First appearance Kong of Skull Island #8
The Princess has her mother's... fondness for beasts. A wary man might fear the day we are ruled by Queen K'vanni, and a Kong as her King...

— Aguul on K'vanni's liking for her pet Kong.

Aguul is an Atu tribesman, who is the second main antagonist of the 2016 comic series Kong of Skull Island.


Kong of Skull Island

Kong of Skull Island #8

Aguul was an Atu man who hated the Kong. He saw them as monsters worse than the demons for their rampage during the evacuation of the old world, their killing of the Atu shaman V'drell, and their taking one of his arms. To show the depths of his hatred, Aguul wore an ape's skull on his head. While working with the engineer Eesa and the former Tagu Scent Trigger craftsman B'san, Aguul meant to build a citadel in the midst of the jungle, where the Taguatu people could live free from the Kong. He explained his hatred as he walked with some of his followers into the jungle. He was one of the people who had been sent by V'drell into the jungle with the Kong to gather supplies in the earliest days of the Taguatu inhabiting of Skull Island. He recounted that on some of the missions, Kong became enthralled by the palpably wild nature of the island and took off into the brush. They saw some of the ones that survived, but in the last year, only one had been spotted. Deep in the jungle, Aguul showed Eesa the plot of earth he had chosen for his citadel. She claimed it would be a tight fit, and asked if Aguul would consider using Kong to clear away some of the surrounding wilderness. Aguul was thoroughly opposed to this notion and began to recount his theory that Kong were monsters worse than the demons, but one of teir party members interrupted, saying that they had only enough warding scents to return to the village before he was in turn interrupted by a Pteranodon attack. Aguul calls for everyone to crawl into the brush for cover, when Valla, the exiled Kong who had killed V'drell the shaman came into the clearing wrestling with the savage Kong. As opposed to running away, Aguul took this opportunity and the great fight between Kong and dinosaur to show his followers that their warding scents did nothing to protect them from the dangers presented by the Kong. He then spoke of a way to eliminate the possibility of more wild Kong being born, as while both adults were female, they were fighting over a cowering infant male, whom Aguul resolved to kill. Aguul then watched as one of his followers approached the baby with a dagger, and the Kong Valla picked him up and tore him in two. Aguul and Eesa, the only survivors, then ran into the jungle. At home, Aguul cursed Princess K'vanni's fondness for the Kong.

Kong of Skull Island #9

In the following nine years, Aguul became no less radical. After a Deathrunner came out of the mines near the village, Aguul sent B'san to attack it, much to Ewata's ire, who had Kong stationed there for just such an occasion. Aguul proclaimed that expansion and the building of his proposed fortress in the jungle were necessary, and he appealed to Princess K'vanni that she would understand the need to exterminate all creatures that posed a threat to their people when she became Queen. Ewata scoffed at this idea, telling Aguul that his proposal would cost many lives, and told him that the Atu gods did not protect them on Skull Island. K'vanni then reminded Ewata, that as the leader of both the Atu and the Tagu, the Atu gods were in a sense her gods as well. Flustered, Ewata escorted K'vanni to her lessons. Aguul took this as a sign of Ewata sheltering K'vanni from the grim reality of their situation. Aguul, Eesa, and B'san then resolved to show K'vanni how the fortress could defend the people, and aid in their extermination of the Kong. A man named Yano, disagreed with this plan, reminding them that the Kong had saved their lives during the siege of the coast. Aguul thought on this and remarked that Yano had been brought along because he believed that the Taguatu could not remain on the shore any longer, while Ewata did not. So long as Ewata had the Kong at her beck and call, she had no consequence to face for ignoring the council's decision to build inland. As a show of good faith, Aguul gave Yanno warding scents for his way home. Much later, at the construction site, Aguul worked with the former Kong trainer Gret to create Scent Triggers for the Kong, while secretly preparing for a human sacrifice just as Princess K'vanni arrived to tour the citadel.

Kong of Skull Island #10

After seeing the citadel, Eesa began to brush K'vanni's hair. When she was finished, one of Aguul's followers sedated the young Kong while he grabbed and sedated K'vanni, proclaiming that he was securing the people's future. K'vanni was then tied between two stone pillars, and he tried to comfort the frightened girl by telling her that it was a difficult decision, but her anointed sacrifice would unite the Taguatu and restore the blessings of the gods. K'vanni began to cry and began to plea for her life, but the aromatic triggers that had been laid out successfully summoned a Kong. Unfortunately, it was The Ghost. Aguul and his followers went running.

Kong of Skull Island #11

While sheltering inside the citadel, Aguul gave his account of the origins of the Kong's savagery. Aguul claimed that the Ghost was not naturally evil, but that they had driven it mad with scent triggers. As they waited for the carnage outside to end, Aguul bade his companions to be completely silent as the Kong eliminated the Royal bloodline and restored power to the people. after the Ghost had moved on, he gathered Eesa, who was heavily distraught about the fact that her fortress had been broken, and prepared to initiate the next stage of his plan after consoling her. Leading his followers deep beneath the Citadel, They prepared to turn the Kong on the shore feral by pumping a scent trigger through the mines. After this process had begun, Aguul went to the surface to speak to the soldiers, who reported that the smoke from the furnace was rising from every crack on the island and that it was making the dinosaurs rampage. Aguul became enraged at B'san, for he had not expected that the scent would rile the reptiles. However B'san noted that even the docile herbivorous demons were enraged, meaning that the effects on the village on the shore must be even more devastating than they could have imagined.

Kong of Skull Island #12

In the ensuing rush to get into the heart of the Citadel, Aguul was approached by Ewata, wielding a sword while riding the young Kong. Aguul then turned to the "pretender Queen" and informed her that her daughter had already been sacrificed. As he began to speak of the horrors the Kong were capable of, a Pteranodon swooped down and gored Aguul with its beak before it and another of its kind began to feast on his entrails. This caused Ewata to remark that Aguul had died as he had lived: utterly out of his depth.



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