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Dagr in Kong of Skull Island
Species Human
Nationality Icelandic
Occupation Viking explorer
First appearance Kong of Skull Island 2018 Special
Viking: “Dagr! This thing is still breathing!
Dagr: “That's fine. We don't need all of it.
― Dagr before cutting off the Kong's arm.

Dagr is an Icelandic viking explorer on Skull Island who serves as the main antagonist in the 2018 special issue of the comic series Kong of Skull Island. While he directly opposes Gudrun, making him the de facto antagonist, he is the more sympathetic of the two, as he shows interest in the wellbeing of his fellow vikings.


Kong of Skull Island

Kong of Skull Island 2018 Special

Dagr first heard of "Andlátland" and Gudrun's heroism there when the expedition returned with stories of gigantic creatures, and when the next expedition to the island took place three years later, Dagr was on the crew. Over time however, he began to lose respect for Gudrun due to her becoming overconfident and losing her concern for the lives of her subordinates. While the other vikings wanted to get rich and go home, Gudrun wanted to conquer the island. Years into their stay on Andlátland, Gudrun took a crew into the heart of the island and they were swarmed by quadruped predators, and Dagr knew they were outmatched. However, when Gudrun's Kong friend was attacked, she abandoned her people to help him. Several men died before Gudrun freed the ape and called for a retreat. Dagr was not initially willing to retreat, but followed her orders. That night he confronted her, believing that her affection for the Kong had overtaken her dedication to her people. She refuted these claims, but then informed him of her plan to return to the heart of the island the following day. Dagr then knew what he had to do. He began writing a letter to Gudrun about his feelings and how she had changed over time before starting a mutiny. He attacked the viking leader, and told her that they were going home. The Kong came to defend her, but Dagr had prepared for him. A trap of ropes and arrows hit the beast, which Dagr intended to capture and bring home to use as clothing. Gudrun broke free and killed one of the men holding her, and Dagr was forced to attack her again. She proclaimed that she would be victorious because the Kong was winning the fight, prompting him to take matters into his own hands. Dagr attacked Kong viciously with his axe, and incapacitated him before Gudrun ran into the jungle. He sent two men named Herleif and Asger after her, and was informed that the Kong was still breathing. Dagr was fine with this, as he reasoned that they didn't need the entire Kong.

After cutting off his arm and separating its fur from its bones, they began to head for the ships. On the way, a man found Herlief's shield on the ground. but no sign of him, Asger, or Gudrun. Dagr then heard a crackling sound and ran to the beach to find the two men's heads on spears and their ships burning in the bay. The other vikings were confused at Gudrun's apparent display of madness, but Dagr understood that it was a trap just before reptilian monsters swarmed the beach, and Dagr stood still, knowing that he was right, and they should have left years ago.


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