Kid Kong

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Kid Kong
Kid Kong
The infant Kid Kong
Alternate names K'iin, K'hiid
Species Giant ape
Height ~5 feet (infant),[1]
~10 feet (2 years)[1]
Relations The Ghost (mother)
Valla (adoptive mother)
Allies Ewata, K'vanni, Valla
Enemies Deathrunners, Ghost
Created by James Asmus, Carlos Magno
First appearance Latest appearance
Kong of Skull Island #7 Kong of Skull Island #12

Kid Kong[2] is a juvenile giant ape monster created by James Asmus and Carlos Magno that first appeared in issue #7 of the 2016 BOOM! Studios comic, Kong of Skull Island.


Kid Kong is a juvenile Kong, and as such resembles a very large juvenile gorilla. Beyond this, he has prominent scarring on his back from life in the wild with his mother.


After the Kong species was banished from the Tagu-Atu city, they began to live away from humans in the jungles of Skull Island. Because of this, his origins are obscure, although it was suspected that Kid Kong was the first of his kind to be born in the wild, with no breeder or response to the taming methods of the Tagu or Atu tribe.


Kong of Skull Island

Issue 7

Left alone while his mother went hunting, Kid remained behind in their lair, near the bones of another Kong that was likely his father. When Valla was attracted to his cries, she entered the lair and examined the prominent scarring on Kid's back before his mother began to approach. Kid sheltered behind Valla as his mother entered the cave and was furious at the intruder.

Issue 8

Valla and the Ghost then began to fight for custody of Kid, and soon, the young Kong fled the scene with tears in his eyes, only to be spied by hungry Giant Pteranodons. One picked the young Kong up and tried to fly away with him, but luckily Valla took notice and tore the pterosaur out of the sky. Not out of the woods yet, a group of anti-Kong radicals lead by Aguul attempted to kill Kid before Valla tore his attempted murderer in half and fled with Kid in her arms. The Ghost pursued her son across Skull Island until she fell into a pit caused by a mineshaft collapsing under her weight. Valla then took Kid to the Tagu-Atu village and passed him over the wall to Ewata, who gave him as a companion and pet to her infant daughter K'vanni.

Issue 9

One day, nine years later, K'vanni was playing with Kong on the floor when she and her mother got into a heated argument that distressed him when Ewata began to shout. However, the next day K'vanni and Kid were invited to visit Aguul's citadel.

Issue 10

Many years ago on a minor holiday, K'vanni and Kid went to the unmanned mines to play. K'vanni wandered in, but for unknown reasons Kong did not follow her in, but she emerged unharmed. In the present day, when K'vanni finished recounting the story, Kid was sedated and brought to a pit within the citadel to be used as a test subject for the potency of new Scent triggers to be used in Aguul's plan to turn the Tagu-Atu against the Kong. Shortly after awakening, he was doused in the scents. With his eyes tearing up, the scents had their desired affect and made the young Kong enraged before they threw former Kong trainer Gret into the pit with him. Kong attacked the wall, smashing some of the stone, Gret used it as a foothold to show Kid, knowing that Kongs are strong mimic learners, allowed Kong to make another and to escape the pit. He hurled a giant rock at the head of one of his captors, and killed the other before smashing through the wall and vaulting over the outer wall of the citadel.

Issue 11

In the jungle, he reunited with Valla, and she washed the scents off of him before they encountered Ewata. She asked Kid to help her find K'vanni, and he brought her back to the citadel, where she asked to be left. Kid however, smelling trouble, grabbed her and ran back to the jungle as the island's saurian inhabitants began to rampage through.

Issue 12

Knowing he wouldn't like it, Ewata filled a cloth with calming scents to counteract those affecting the Kong and dinosaurs, and tied it around his nose and mouth before climbing on his back and riding him through the carnage. They arrived at the center and watched Aguul be gored by a Pteranodon before Ewata asked Kid to locate his mother in order to rescue K'vanni. On seeing his mother, he sprang upon her in attack. Since the last time he had seen her, she had become Gaw of the Deathrunners, and her minions attacked him. They began to pile onto him, but he leaped through them and slammed his mother down onto some rib bones that were sticking up from the ground, killing her before freeing K'vanni. The three were soon joined by Gret, and they returned to the city. As an act of mercy, all Kong were set free into the jungle, including Kid, who hugged K'vanni goodbye before leaving with the rest.

On the final page of the series, an unidentified Kong can be seen standing proudly in front of Skull Mountain. Whether this is meant to be Kid Kong, or King Kong is unknown.


Physical Strength

Kid, like all Kongs, has exhibited enormous physical strength and endurance that allowed him to smash stone walls, throw large rocks, and leap great heights.



This is a list of references for Kid Kong. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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