Swamp Locust

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Comic Book Monster
The Swamp Locust in Skull Island: The Birth of Kong #3
Swamp Locust
Species Stagnum Acrididae
Length 22-28 feet
Enemies Humans
First appearance Skull Island: The Birth of Kong #3

The Swamp Locust is an aquatic insect monster that first appeared in the third issue of the 2017 Legendary Comics series, Skull Island: The Birth of Kong.


The Swamp Locust has an elongated body with many limbs protruding from its sides, akin to a centipede. The Swamp Locust's legs are incredibly long, and resemble tree branches. The Swamp Locust's skin is greenish-brown, and covered in horns and spikes. The creature's mouth is circular like a lamprey's, and filled with a complete circle of sharp teeth.


Skull Island: The Birth of Kong

Valley of the Fallen Gods

While Aaron Brooks, his team, and several Iwi tribe members were attempting to flee the various scavenger creatures feeding on the corpse of a Sirenjaw, they drew too close to a swamp, causing a Swamp Locust to burst from the water and attack. They were able to outrun the creature, which could not pursue them on land as easily as it could in water.



The Swamp Locust's greatest asset is its almost flawless method of camouflage. The creature submerges its body underwater and faces upward toward the surface, extending its wooden limbs above the surface so as to disguise them as the swamp foliage surrounding them. Any prey moving across the water will be unaware of the Swamp Locust's presence, allowing it to take its prey by surprise.




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