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Kaisendon in "Come on KANMON Straits!"
Subtitle(s) Strait Monster
(海峡怪獣,   Kaikyō Kaijū)
Species Crab/pufferfish/octopus hybrid
Height 229 meters[1]
Weight 120,000 tons[1]
Forms Heikegani crab, Kaisendon
First appearance "Come on KANMON Straits!"
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Kaisendon (カイセンドン) is a hybrid sea monster kaiju who appears in the 2017 Japanese tourism commercial "Come on KANMON Straits!" It was animated by a visual effects team which previously worked on Shin Godzilla.[2]


Kaisendon's design has many details. Its head is small, with two orange horns pointing downwards, a pair of black eyes, and its mouth is surrounded by small tentacles. Its chest is white, and it resembles a puffer fish. It has four arms, two smaller and two bigger ones, and all of them are armored with a crab-like dark green armor. At the end of its arms are tentacles, and its both shoulders have a big dull spike. Underneath its huge chest are small tentacles running down from the underneath of its huge chest to the end of its both two tails. Kaisendon's legs are also armored with a crab-like armor and its feet resemble elephant's.


According to Kaisendon's bio on the official webpage for the "Come on KANMON Straits!" short, Kaisendon was a Heikegani crab reincarnated from one of the Heike warriors defeated at the battle of Dan-no-ura. Dwelling at the bottom of the Kanmon Straits, the crab melded with other local sealife over a period of several years, including octopi and pufferfish.[1]


"Come on KANMON Straits!"

Two boys are playing with a ball on a bridge, but one accidentally throws it into the water. The ball begins to float away but is sucked up by something and shot back to the kids. Kaisendon then suddenly raises from the water, as citizens look on and panic. Kaisendon roars a few times before trying to take a step, but trips and falls down in the water, disappearing beneath the waves.


Though unseen, Kaisendon is stated to be able to release pufferfish poison, use its octopus tentacles to constrict, and use its strong crab claws for cutting.[1]


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"Come on KANMON Straits!" commercial


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