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Species Locust God
Created by Randy Stradley (writer)
Steve Bissette (writer and artist)
Ron Randall (artist)
First appearance Godzilla, King of the Monsters #1

Inagos is a locust kaiju who appeared in Dark Horse's 1987 Godzilla: King of the Monsters comic.


"Inago" (イナゴ) is the Japanese word for "locust."


Bizarre incidents are occurring all over Japan, one in particular happening near Kyushu as large clouds of migrating locusts swarmed over the area, migrating out to sea. Witnesses claimed that the swarm was so dense in some spots that it managed to blot out the sun. Certain individuals believe that all of these bizarre phenomenon are linked to the recent unearthing of a peculiar slab at a construction site. Claiming that it is connected to the coming of the 'Age of Monsters,' it is said that the slab itself would bring forth Disaster Monsters, great beasts of legend that have menaced humanity throughout ancient history, including Inagos the Locust King.

Events would transpire to bring about this Age of Monsters, as Inagos emerged from its long slumber within a large egg. Drawn by the call, it began to make its way toward Japan. But the Locust King didn't get too far in its travels before the Slab was dumped into the dark depths of the ocean, in a last ditch effort to save all of Japan from the wrath of these beasts. Without the beckoning rhythm of the Slab, Inagos quickly returned home.

Comic Appearances


  • As an insect monster worshiped by an island civilization, Inagos is almost certainly a reference to Mothra, who Dark Horse could not afford to license from Toho.


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