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Usuru in "Contagion"
Species Mutant mosquito
Place(s) of emergence Tokyo, Japan
Relations Dr. Mizuno (creator; in dream)
Enemies Godzilla
First appearance "Contagion"
Tokyo has, once again, become the site of unimaginable horror as a new and unknown creature cuts a deadly and destructive path through the city... but this creature, which authorities have dubbed Usuru, poses an even greater threat than all the monsters before it.

— Martin Short ("Contagion")

Usuru is a giant mosquito monster who appeared in the 2024 IDW Publishing one-shot anthology comic Godzilla: 70th Anniversary, in the segment "Contagion".


Usuru resembled a giant, wingless mosquito upon emergence, though it later sprouted a pair of wings from its back after making it to the shoreline.


Originally a test subject of Dr. Mizuno's biological weapon, Usuru quickly mutated out of control and promptly escaped containment to spread its deadly virus. However, Usuru was later revealed to be nothing more than a figment of Dr. Mizuno's imagination while she was dreaming.



Usuru battles Godzilla

Having been tasked with creating diseases for the state department, Dr. Mizuno eventually perfected a particularly deadly virus. While sharing her simulation results, her superior revealed that they had already begun testing the virus on a test subject - though Dr. Mizuno warned that the virus could grow and mutate. Unfortunately, her warnings had already come to pass, as they discovered almost immediately thereafter when the test subject broke free of its containment.

With the ability to expel Dr. Mizuno's deadly pathogen from its body, the insectoid monster made short work of the hapless individuals meant to contain it and began rampaging through Tokyo, Japan. Dubbed "Usuru", the kaiju laid waste to the city while shrugging off anything the JSDF threw at it; those who were not crushed within its path of destruction were almost certainly killed by its pestilence. Eventually, Usuru made it to the shoreline, where it finally seemed that its trail of death and destruction was coming to an end until the monstrosity inexplicably sprouted a pair of wings from its back, allowing it to fly over the open water as to spread its virus across the globe. Just as the creature took flight, however, Godzilla burst forth out of the water and charged at Usuru, immediately pulling the beast out of the sky and biting into one of its wings. Usuru broke free, but as Godzilla closed in once again, the insectoid monster lunged forward and stabbed Godzilla with its proboscis to infect him with its virus. As Godzilla struggled to pull the monster off of his body, he began to glow with energy, using his radiation to burn out the infection. Having stopped the virus from overtaking him, Godzilla promptly fired his atomic breath at the helpless Usuru while the monster remained caught in his grasp, annihilating it and its virus for good. However, Godzilla was not yet finished and followed Usuru's path of destruction back to its source, leading him directly to Dr. Mizuno. Despite her pleas, Godzilla was quick to fire his atomic breath at her.

Dr. Mizuno then awoke to discover that Usuru and her encounter with Godzilla had been nothing more than a dream. However, the virus she was designing was indeed very real. Having come to regret what could happen were her virus ever weaponized by the government, Dr. Mizuno lied and told her superiors that the virus was ineffective, deleted all of her research, and resigned to ensure that her research would never be unleashed upon the world.


Usuru spreads its disease


Usuru is able to spread a deadly pathogen through its proboscis. According to Dr. Mizuno's superior, the virus it spreads is so powerful that humans who are exposed to it are killed almost instantly. Usuru was able to inflict its pathogen through a stinger on Godzilla, who briefly struggled against the virus' effects.

Physical abilities

Usuru was easily able to overpower the military and utilized its long spiky legs to destroy buildings and tanks. In its fight with Godzilla, Usuru used its legs to grapple against the reptilian kaiju. Additionally, its proboscis was strong enough to pierce Godzilla's skin.

Usuru grows wings


Usuru was able to evolve at will, developing a pair of wings after coming across open water.


Usuru developed wings to take itself across the ocean after encountering the vast body of water.


Usuru was easily overpowered by Godzilla, with Godzilla being able to physically grab the mosquito with a single hand, as well as biting down into one of the mosquito's recently grown wings. Usuru was finally killed after being hit by a direct blast of Godzilla's atomic breath.



  • Usuru bears some similarities to Skeetera, another giant mosquito monster who fought Godzilla.


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