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Alternate names Ancient Monarch of Tarabak
Species Humanoid plant Titan
Height 45.3 meters[1]
Weight 170 tons[1]
Forms Normal, S-Class
Place(s) of emergence Tarabak
Relations Piki the Pear (creation), Royal Warden (creation)
Allies Piki the Pear, Royal Warden
Enemies Story Mode: Gorogong, Skorak, Rawa, Thundatross, Woolley
First appearance GigaBash
Nature's wrath manifested as the Ancient Monarch of Tarabak.

— unnamed scout (GigaBash)

Rohanna (ロハナ,   Rohana) is a plant Titan who inhabits Tarabak Island in the 2022 video game GigaBash. First discovered by the modern world in 1960, Rohanna is the embodiment of nature itself. She has gained a cult of followers who worship and help to defend her in exchange for shelter and food. She frequently vies for territory with fellow Titans Skorak and Rawa.


Rohanna's name was inspired by numerous subjects, including the name of one of the developers who worked on GigaBash. "Roh" in Malay translates to "spirit", to represent Malaysia, and "hana" translates to flower in Japanese, in order to represent Japanese kaiju. The extra "n" in hana was added to make the spelling more unique.[2]


First sighted in 1960, Rohanna inhabits the island of Tarabak, and rules over some of its people. In exchange for the worship and servitude of her subjects, Rohanna blesses them with a plentiful bounty of fruits and shelter. She will lash out at anyone who threatens to disturb her empire's peace, and commands an army of plant-like creatures and golems to patrol her territory.

Rohanna's subjects who worship her use face paint and thorny spears to help in defending against threats, and the village itself is protected by a thick wall of thorned vines. Long ago, the people of Tarabak Island were ruled over by the Dragon King, as he was strongest. However, many were displeased with the Dragon King's tyranny and the human corruption that stemmed from it. So, when the Dragon King was finally killed by Skorak, the civilization of Tarabak split into multiple groups. The different groups of people each chose to follow a new Titan, the likes of which were rushing to lay claim to the now available territory. The group who followed Rohanna clambered over the Thorn walls, starving and without shelter. Rohanna appeared before the people and grew a canopy above them and fruits for them to eat, in exchange for their eternal allegiance.


Rohanna's aesthetic was inspired by a Malaysian cryptid, the Sang Kelembai. Rohanna's design was further built off of with inspiration from the Bunga Raya flower and Malaysian Tiger, the latter of which was used for the patterning of her S-Class form. Rohanna's cryptid reference is futher demonstrated in her "corrupted" or "monstrous" left arm. [3] Some of her attacks that created dynamic plant growth and the AI of Pikki the Pear and the Royal Warden proved particularly challenging to get right due to the game's variety of environments.[4]


Rohanna resembles a feminine humanoid body with plant features. Her head is pink and like that of a rose, and she as two slit patterns on her head that resemble eyes, Around her neck sprouts a large, pink flower that extends above her head. She has a thin, green torso that extends outwards into multiple pink petal that form a dress-like shape. Her right arm is shaped like that of a vine, and goes from being green to a bright pink halfway through. Her left arm consists of multiple tangles of large thorns and vines. Finally, she has four, root like legs that go from sticking straight up vertically to sticking straight out horizontally. In her S-Class form, her eyes glow a bright blue and her green colorations glow. Her arms are longer and more overgrown and the petals located around her neck and waist have grown longer and larger. The petals around her neck and on top of her head are now patterned with tiger-like stripes.

The smaller plant minion she summons is called Pikki the Pear. Pikis are round and pear-shaped, and have stubby arms and legs that lack any fingers or toes. While their body is green, they have pink spikes on top of their heads, and a single, blue eye in the center of their bodies. Like Rohanna herself, this eye appears to lack any actual sight organs.

The large behemoth-like plant minions Rohanna summons are called Royal Wardens. The Wardens are made of tangles of thick vines and thorns, with the thorns being pink compared to their green bodies. They lack a defined head, and their arms extend out from each side of their six glowing, green eyes. The arms are very long and end in huge, fist-like structures that are especially thorn-covered. Their backs are covered in large, pink thorns and their legs are stump-like and short in comparison to the rest of their bodies.


She is described as being calm and composed, unless anyone or thing becomes a threat to her or her creations. She becomes extremely violent to anyone who shows themselves to be an aggressor.

Video games

  • GigaBash (2022) - Microsoft Windows, Sony PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X

Legend of Luana Island

As Gorogong lumbered through Tarabak Island in search of his Giga Crystal, he was intercepted by Rohanna, who whiped him a few times before roaring a challenge. As the Titans battled, they were interrupted by Skorak, who threw his shell at them both and joined in on the battle. Eventually, Gorogong managed to defeat both Rohanna and Skorak, winning the worship of both Titans' cult followers.

S-Class Rohanna smacks away the desert yetis.

Woolley's Misadventures

At a secret power station near Death Canyon, Woolley and many Pikis were captured and attached to a multitude of electrical contraptions. As a person was reaching towards a power switch, red lights flashed and roots grew through the control panel and throughout the room. More roots and thorns grew through and destroyed the main generator, releasing the Pikis and Woolley. Rohanna burst from the ground, just in time to see Woolley accidentally trip and fall on one of the Pikis, crushing and killing it. Rohanna, enraged by this, engaged in battle against the yetis. As Woolley was holding his own, Rohanna burrowed over and destroyed a power plant, releasing the Giga Energy inside and and transforming into her S-Class form. Several desert subspecies of yetis ran forward to defend Woolley, only to be smacked away. The yetis and Woolley all made an escape from the power station and Rohanna.

The Knight in Lightning Armor

As Thundatross' pilot Yuuki waited for his father in the Otoma Tech building, Rohanna attacked the Kimura District in Tokyo. Yuuki is deployed in Thundatross to battle Rohanna, engaging in a fight and coming out on top.


Rohanna smacks Skorak

Physical capabilities

Rohanna is able to use her long tendrils to her advantage and whip her enemies.


Rohanna can burrow through the ground to quickly travel from place to place.


According to writer Gerald Yong, Rohanna lost an arm during a battle with Rawa, which she was able to regrow in a matter of days. However, her regeneration was hampered due to Rawa's Etheral Flame damaging her on a molecular level. He elaborated that she would have healed quicker had she been in possession of Giga Energy.[5]

Plant Growth

Rohanna is able to grow tendrils of thorny vines, fruit, and other plant life. She is able to summon massive thorns or create giant clubs with this ability.

Minion Creation

Rohanna possesses the ability to create small minions, known as Piki the Pear, and large, lumbering behemoths known as Royal Wardens.


After gathering a sufficient amount of Giga Energy, Rohanna achieves peak power to grow to massive proportions, gaining great power and enhanced abilities. Giga Energy is gathered through dealing damage to other Titans, or gathering it from the surrounding environment.


Concept Art



Rohanna's Roars and Sound Effects (From 8:40 - 10:25)


Rohanna reveal trailer
Rohanna Development Podcast


  • Rohanna is meant to represent Malaysia as a whole.[6]
  • The extra "n" in Rohanna was not only added to make the name more unique in general, but specifically to avoid confusion around the workplace.[2]
  • Rohanna is the only original female Titan in GigaBash.
  • Rohanna's right arm is gnarled and thorny as a result of regrowing from Rawa burning it away in the past.


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