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An Aller-Ghidorah sticker
Alternate Names Allerghidorah, Aller Ghidorah, Pollen Allergy Monster
Species Pollen Allergen Monster
Enemies Godzilla, Minilla
First Appearance Godzilla Pollen Allergy Awareness Campaign

Aller-Ghidorah (アレルギドラ,   Areru Gidora) is a pollen allergen kaiju that appeared in a Japanese pollen allergy awareness campaign featuring Godzilla and related monsters.


Aller-Ghidorah's name comes from the word "allergy" (アレルギー,   Arerugī), and Ghidorah (ギドラ,   Gidora).


Despite sharing part of his name with a species of three-headed dragons, Aller-Ghidorah does not resemble the other Ghidorahs at all. Aller-Ghidorah has a rounded body mostly yellow in color that is covered in spikes, with spikes for arms and legs, giving Aller-Ghidorah the appearance of a pollen grain. Aller-Ghidorah has a tail that is tipped with a red flower-like structure. Aller-Ghidorah's head has a frill of spikes surrounding it, with a large red nasal horn. Aller-Ghidorah has large red eyes with black pupils, and large fangs on the sides of his mouth. Aller-Ghidorah's chest is green in color and covered in rows and rows of spikes.


Aller-Ghidorah apparently has the ability to fly by propelling himself with a cloud of allergens. Aller-Ghidorah can also fire an allergen beam from his mouth.


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