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Rock Bug
The Rock Bug's model from Skull Island
The baby Rock Bug's model from Skull Island
Species Large geode-like insectoid
Forms Baby, adult
Place(s) of emergence Skull Island
Enemies Humans, Trapdoor Crabs, Kraken
Written by Brian Duffield
Designed by Jung-Ha Kim[1]
First appearance Latest appearance
Skull Island episode 2, "The Last Blank Space on the Map" Skull Island episode 8, "You'll Never Catch A Monkey That Way"
That rock just ate that man.

Irene after witnessing a Rock Bug eat a mercenary (Skull Island episode 2, "The Last Blank Space on the Map")

Rock Bugs are large geode-like insectoid monsters that first appear in episode 2 of the 2023 Netflix animated series Skull Island, entitled "The Last Blank Space on the Map."


In "The Last Blank Space on the Map", Irene refers to a Rock Bug as a "rock", but they are never referred to by any particular name afterwards. Skull Island storyboard artist Mary Hauder revealed the creature's name to be "Rock Bug" on Twitter,[2] a name which was also used in its Powerhouse Animation model sheet.[1]


Rock Bugs are large, ant-like insects with gray skin, black eyes, hooked antennae, two gray fangs on both of their mandibles, and six pairs of legs, with the fifth one having three small spikes on both legs. They have a mostly blue-green, diamond-like torso with a hole in it surrounded by a purple outline resembling the night sky. Their backs, which are brown in color and have four lines around them, resemble that of woodlice, and have a shell resembling a large rock. Juvenile Rock Bugs are similar in appearance to adult Rock Bugs, but are much smaller in size.


Rock Bugs are aggressive animals who seem to spend most of their time camouflaging themselves as boulders.



Skull Island

"The Last Blank Space on the Map"

A Rock Bug was the first monster Cap encountered on Skull Island. At first, he dismissed it as a large, unusually-shaped rock, then grew suspicious. As it rose up, he was dazzled by the blue and aquamarine geodes in its chest, as well as the sparkling void beyond them. When it growled, however, he realized the creature was a hostile insect and stepped back in alarm. One of Irene's mercenaries came to his rescue with a burst of machine gun fire. With surprising speed, the insect scuttled towards the other man and enveloped him, returning to its rock-like state. Meanwhile, Charlie accidentally picked up an infant Rock Bug while hiding from the Trapdoor Crabs on a Skull Island beach and threw it in alarm when it revealed itself. Nearby Trapdoor Crabs lunged at the insect, but it deftly evaded them and they soon turned their attention to Charlie and Mike, who had been trying to sneak off the beach while it distracted them.

"You'll Never Catch A Monkey That Way"

While fighting the Kraken on the shore of Skull IslandKong scooped up a curled-up Rock Bug resting underwater and hurled it at his enemy. Though exposed to the creature's light, the Kraken intercepted it with a red tentacle at the last moment, shattering its shell in a bright flash and sending it falling back into the sea.



Rock Bugs can camouflage by laying flat on their abdomens and tucking themselves into their shells, giving them the appearance of a boulder.


Rock Bugs are highly agile creatures, as one of them was able to quickly rush towards a man and eat him before he could react. Even infant Rock Bugs are fast, as one of them was able to swiftly dodge several Trapdoor Crabs' attempts to grab the small animal.


Rock Bugs are shown to be resistant to gunfire, though one had its shell destroyed by the Kraken with ease.


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Rock Bug roars

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