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S-Class Skorak.png
Alternate names 4-eyed deity
Subtitle(s) The Great Devourer, The Overlord, The Tyrant Slayer, The Nightmare of Tarabak Island
Species Mollusk-like Titan
Height 32.1 meters[1]
Weight 250 tons[1]
Forms Normal, S-Class
Place(s) of emergence Tarabak
Relations The Dragon King (shell)
Enemies The Dragon King
Story Mode: Gorogong, Rohanna, Rawa, Gigaman, Thundatross, Woolley
First appearance GigaBash
The pages within were filled with unknown heiroglyphics and strange diagrams of a 4-eyed deity. The images alone invoke a subconcious terror deep inside my heart.

— Unnamed scholar (GigaBash)

Skorak (スコウラック,   Sukourakku) is a mollusk-like Titan who inhabits Tarabak Island in the 2022 video game GigaBash. First seen in 1960, Skorak was summoned by a ritual performed by cultists, who helped him in brutally killing a rival Titan. Skorak now wears the skull of the Dragon King on his back and uses it both as a shell and a tool in combat.


Skorak is a combination of the English word skull and the Malay word for skull, tengkorak.[2]


First sighted in 1960, Skorak was observed to be very cunning with an uncanny amount of intelligence. Skorak stalks through the jungles, searching for weakened creatures to devour. Skorak was also seen carrying a massive skull on his back, an ominous hint at his past. It was observed that he telepathically uses this skull as a sort of chess price; setting up a future trap or killing blow for an opposing force. Lastly, there was a rumor that Skorak possessed a virulent poison in case he needed it.

Skorak was worshiped as a deity by some of the Tarabak Islanders, becoming the central focus of a cult called "The Eyes of Skorak", in which new members would have to receive a small dose of Skorak's venom. The cultists claim that this connects all of them and their senses to each other and to Skorak. It is theorized that Skorak uses this system to control them, giving the cult its name. Centuries ago, a Titan simply known as the Dragon King ruled over the people of Tarabak, demanding an offering of Violet Elixir and a human sacrifice very so often. A group of people who wished for the fall of the Dragon King performed a ritual that brought forth Skorak. During the ceremony in which Violet Elixir is offered to the Dragon King, these followers laced the Elixir with the venom of Skorak. This killed the Dragon King from the inside out, and Skorak took the Dragon King's skull onto his back.


Some initial ideas for Skorak included a giant crab, hermit crab, insect, before eventually landing on a mollusk. The development team also wanted to deviate from a humanoid-shaped monster, as the game's roster already included four such creatures. They chose the mollusk-like creature due to its novelty among kaiju designs.[3] When designing Skorak, the director instructed concept artist Keen Fai to come up with a "Snailian" kaiju design, and that it needed to be an "unpredictable" character, with Fai also using Ultra Q's Namegon for reference.[4] They experimented with the monster's number of heads, number of eyes, and width, with a variety of color schemes. They also tried a few different designs for the skull, including some wider or narrower snouts, different styles of crests, spines, and horns, and even skeletal claws coming from the skull's mouth. After the design for the skull was finalized, they came up with some final touches, such as an active eyeball and tentacles that would appear when the skull was launched from Skorak's back and when it moved around, although these were both ultimately scrapped.


Skorak's S-Class form

Skorak is a giant mollusk resembling a slug or snail that carries a colossal skull on his back. He has four stalk eyes that end in golden sclera, yellow irises, and black, horizontal pupils. Each eyeball has a large fang located behind the eyes that extend through the pupils and allows Skorak to slash at enemies[5]. His mouth is located at the base of where the stalks meet. The mouth is passively small and tucked near Skorak's face, but when in use, extends and stretches outwards, lined with rows of teeth, in a sideways-opening. He has a slug-like body shape, but the front of his body is more upright, with a purple hue covering most of Skorak's body and yellow on his underbelly. The skull on Skorak's back slightly resembles Rawa's, only lacking a large nasal horn and possessing a more pronounced jaw bone. Skorak's S-Class form depicts him with all of his eye fangs fully extended, larger, and sticking through the back of the eyes, and he glows with pink and orange energy. His back is covered in orange-tipped spines and his body has glowing lines of orange energy all over it. The skull Skorak carries scales up along with him and has a darker hue, and also glows with a pinkish-orange energy.


Skorak is shown to be incredibly intelligent and cunning, using strategic moves on the battlefield to outmaneuver his opponents. It is described as being both cruel and tricky, lurking on Tarabak Island searching for the weak, as well as trapping his foes.

Video games

  • GigaBash (2022) - Microsoft Windows, Sony PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X

Legend of Luana Island

As Gorogong and Rohanna battled, Skorak threw his skull shell at the two Titans, knocking them both backwards. As the cultists of Rohanna and Skorak yelled at each other, a three way fight commenced. Eventually, Gorogong proved victorious, defeating the other two monsters.

Woolley's Misadventures

As Woolley wandered onto Tarabak Island, he found Skorak while the mollusk was dormant. As Woolley reached out to him, Skorak suddenly whipped around with his skull shell on his face and roared at Woolley, issuing a threat and starting a battle. Midway through the fight, Woolley knocked Skorak to the ground, before the Overlord regained his footing and threw his shell, knocking Woolley backwards, and they preceded to resume their battle. Eventually, Woolley managed to defeat Skorak, carrying on in his return home.

The Knight in Lightning Armor

As they traveled through Tarabak Island, Gigaman told Thundatross' pilot, Yuuki, the story of how Skorak rose to power. However, Skorak captured Gigaman without a sound, creating an ambush as Thundatross looked for Gigaman. Skorak made an attempt to strike the mech with his hidden eye fangs, but missed, and rushed through several ruins before roaring a challenge to Thundatross. As Gigaman caught up to the two, the super powered human and mecha battled Skorak together, eventually overpowering it. However, Skorak absorbed surrounding Giga Energy into his body, allowing him to transform into an S-Class Titan. Thundatross and Gigaman battled Skorak in his powered-up form, but as Thundatross charged in to deal the finishing blow, Skorak used his Poison Deluge. Gigaman ran forward and leaped in front of Thundatross, taking the acid in place of the mecha. This distraction gave Skorak a window to flee as he traveled away from the fight.


Skorak's eye fangs

Physical capabilities

Skorak uses the hidden fangs behind each of his eyes as well as the flexibility and elasticity of his eye stalks to slash and stab his opponents.

Life Draining

Skorak can extend his mouth towards his enemies and bite down on them, grabbing an opposing Titan and draining their life force.


When in a tight situation, Skorak can regurgitate an acidic poison that harms anything that comes near. Anyone affected by the venom who survives becomes linked to each other and Skorak, allowing him to gather all information they can process.

Skorak hides in his skull shell

Skull Shell

Skorak carries the skull of the Dragon King on his back and is able to control it. He can launch it off of his back at enemies and recall it, let it sit and wait to activate and explosion with the skull. The skull also causes explosions when smashing into opponents, and Skorak gains massively in movement and attack speed. Finally, the skull allows for defense and Skorak can slide his entire body inside of it. The skull is able to defend against even S-Class attacks, something no other Titan's block can do.


After gathering a sufficient amount of Giga Energy, Skorak achieves grows to massive proportions, gaining great power and enhanced abilities. Giga Energy is gathered through dealing damage to other Titans or from the surrounding environment.

Poison Deluge

When enough Giga Energy is gathered, Skorak can regurgitate massive amounts of acid poison that covers a very large area, trapping and harming any other Titans caught within.


Concept art



Skorak's roars and sound effects (begins at 12:23)


Reveal trailer
Developement podcast


  • Skorak's "shell" is a skull he took as a trophy from a mortal enemy he killed in combat[6]. Powered by an unknown energy, it is not fully dead.[7]
  • Skorak is the slowest-moving Titan in GigaBash.[8]


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