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A Sirenjaw in Skull Island: The Birth of Kong #2
Species Giant amphibious reptile florafauna (Gigantus Crocodiliad)[1]
Height 45-65 feet[2]
Enemies Humans, King Kong
First appearance Latest appearance
Skull Island: The Birth of Kong #2 Godzilla vs. Kong: The Official Movie Novelization

The Sirenjaw is a reptilian monster that first appeared in the second issue of the 2017 Legendary Comics series, Skull Island: The Birth of Kong.


The Sirenjaw's scientific name, Gigantus Crocodiliad, comes from the English word “gigantic” and the English word “crocodilian.”


The Sirenjaw is a large reptilian monster somewhat resembling a crocodile, covered in grass and roots, and sometimes even trees on its back. It has a large jaw with sharp teeth in it. The monster also has a pair of small orange eyes. When it is half in water, it resembles an island, and the monster uses this camouflage to ambush and catch prey.


Sirenjaws are omnivores and ambush predators.[3] The specimen in Skull Island: The Birth of Kong had enough self-preservation to break off its attack on a group of Iwi and Monarch agents when it heard Kong's roar, although the Titan killed it anyway.


Skull Island: The Birth of Kong

The Mountain who Thunders Death

The Monarch group and the Iwi were on something they thought was an island, but then it turned out the island was actually a Sirenjaw. The monster attacked the Monarch group and the Iwi, but then retreated as it heard King Kong's roar.

Valley of the Fallen Gods

Aaron Brooks and the Monarch team followed the sound of Kong's roar, hoping to see him in person, but found only the carcass of the Sirenjaw that had attacked them, killed by Kong. Several Psychovultures and Death Jackals descended on the area to feed on the corpse, prompting the humans to leave.

Godzilla vs. Kong: The Official Movie Novelization

A Sirenjaw attacks Jia's family as a perpetual storm ravages Skull Island. Her sister lifts her onto a tree before a rush of water sweeps her away. Kong takes notice of Jia and rescues her.



The Sirenjaw can swim.


When in water, the Sirenjaw can camouflage itself to look like an island, allowing it to ambush and catch prey.



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