Aaron Brooks

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Aaron Brooks
Aaron Brooks in Skull Island: The Birth of Kong
Species Human
Nationality American
Affiliation Monarch
Occupation Monarch Operative
Related to Houston Brooks (Father),
Lin San (Mother)
First appearance Latest appearance
Skull Island: The Birth of Kong #1 Skull Island: The Birth of Kong #4

Aaron Brooks is the son of Houston Brooks and the main protagonist of the 2017 Legendary Comics miniseries Skull Island: The Birth of Kong.


Skull Island: The Birth of Kong

"The People Who Came from the Sky"

In the year 1995, Aaron hacked into his father's classified Monarch files, and was enraged to find that his father had entrusted a M.U.T.O. called Kong to protect the world from the numerous other M.U.T.O.s on a secret island. Houston maintained that Kong was the only thing keeping the island in balance, but Aaron refused to believe it, and was not satisfied with the alleged satellite monitoring that Monarch had been doing on the island. Aaron felt that his father was making hollow threats, and stormed out of his house. Aaron then organized an alleged expedition to a M.U.T.O. fossil deposit in Antarctica, but instead gathered Evenij Medov, Evelyn Matamavi, Helen Karsten, Walter Riccio, and their pilot Cejudo into a V-22 Osprey and went to Skull Island to get solid assurance that the world was safe. Aaron apologized for his actions in his voice logs, which he had been making more for his father than anyone else, and told of how just after clearing the horrid storm, they were shot down by Psychovultures. Cejudo ordered the crew to jump, and the team landed in a clearing. After regrouping and admiring the Leafwings flying overhead, they decided to head for the fallen Osprey to get their supplies. However when they turned to begin their journey, they were ambushed by Death Jackals, one of which immediately bit and eviscerated Karsten. Unoccupied pack members attacked the party, with Medov sustaining heavy injuries before the immense fist of Kong came down and crushed the pack. While trying to help Medov in a nearby cave, a group of Iwi people approached, with an English-speaking child who referred to them as Awati: The people who come from the sky. In 2012, the Australian Navy found Aaron's logs in a Monarch float bag in the South Pacific.

"The Mountain who Thunders Death"

The Iwi boy, named Ato, and a party of adults brought Aaron and the others to the Iwi village, where they were treated for their wounds. Riccio took a liking to their medicine, and brought the rest of his party to the temple in the wreck of the Wanderer where he told them of a prophet that formed the Iwi before falling under the medicine's influence and explaining the origin of the Kong species. He then claimed that they were to go to the Prophet's footsteps for communion with Kong himself. The rest of the team, Aaron included, were suspicious of Riccio's ravings, but agreed to go on his pilgrimage. While in the wilds, they came upon a ship from the East India Trading company with another mural depicting the Iwi arriving on the island to discover the last two Kongs in existence. As they left the ship to continue, a Sirenjaw burst up from the water, forcing the entire party to retreat. Luckily, Aaron happened upon a weapon crate from his father's expedition in 1973, and extracted a rocket launcher. Ato proclaimed that weapons would not save them just before Kong's roar was heard, and the group set out to meet him.

"Valley of the Fallen Gods"

By the time they reached the Sirenjaw, Kong had torn its jaw off, and was nowhere to be seen. Ato then hurried them along, as whenever Kong left a kill, the rest of the island would emerge to feed on it. When they finally found shelter from the monsters, Ato informed them that because of the feeding, it would be at least a week before it was safe enough to return to the village. Aaron had little time to be outraged by this, as Cejudo came calling over the radio. He had survived the crash, and the lander was just barely operational. Ato informed the group that they could get to a safe place for the "metal bird" to land, but it would take them through the Boneyard: the territory of the Skullcrawlers. When the beasts came out of hiding, they entered a cave, which triggered a reaction from Riccio, who saw the birth of Kong before the way was clear. Riccio decided to stay, however, as Cejudo brought down the lander, he fired a rocket into its wing, destroying it. When Matamavi retaliated, he shot her too, and declared that the party would experience Kong.

"Over the Rainbow"

Riccio revealed his plan to test what kind of god Kong was by blowing up the Iwi Wall with one of the Seismic Charges left on the island, however, Aaron and the others were able to escape when a pack of Death Jackals attacked. Ato lead the remaining team members back to the village, which seemed to be safe, before Riccio blew a hole in the wall, attracting several Mother Longlegs, one of which skewered Medov. When his gun failed him, Ato gave Aaron a spear, and he prepared to aid the villagers in fighting off the threat, when Kong arrived and obliterated all of the spiders. Riccio ran towards Kong, shouting his praises, and Kong smashed him under his fist. Ato bade his to stay still, as Kong began to approach the villagers, and his great face stopped just short of Aaron. In this he finally understood that Kong was a benevolent protector of the people, but acknowledged he had paid a great price just to find out. He voiced this and his intent to stay with the Iwi in a voice log that he sealed in a Kevlar float bag and sent out to sea on a boat.

After discovering and listening to Aaron's message in 2012, Houston announced at his retirement party that he would be going on a cruise to somewhere tropical, implicitly Skull Island.

Godzilla: Aftershock

As Dr. Emma Russell prepared an operation against MUTO Prime in 2014, retired Monarch agent Houston Brooks paid her a visit to express his concerns. He said she has the same look on her face that his son Aaron had when he disappeared, adding that he knew what it was like to lose a son. Emma dismissed him, reminding him that he found his son, and assured him that nothing would happen to her.

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