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The wreckage of the Wanderer in Kong: Skull Island
Piloted by Captain Englehorn
First appearance Latest appearance
King Kong (1932) Kong: Skull Island

The S.S. Wanderer is a fictional tramp steamer that appears in the script for the 1933 film King Kong, its 1932 novelization, and a great deal of other Kong media, including the 2017 film Kong: Skull Island.


Kong: Skull Island

Roughly ten years before 1944, the Wanderer washed up on Skull Island. What happened to its crew is unknown, but the Iwi tribe began to use it as a temple in which they housed murals depicting their history and how they came under the protection of King Kong.


King Kong

The Wanderer was a tramp steamer belonging to movie director Carl Denham, and he used it to sail to many exotic locations that he used for his films. At one point, it took a six-week voyage to the mythical Skull Mountain Island. Once the ship arrived, Denham took fourteen men to the island, while another fourteen stayed behind on the ship. the same night the team returned, actress Ann Darrow was kidnapped by the Skull Island natives. When this was discovered, Englehorn called for an armed assault on the island, in which many sailors participated. A party of crewmen were then sent into the jungles beyond the Skull Island Wall, while Englehorn and another group set up camp at the Wall's base to wait for Darrow if she returned. Days later, the crew was waiting near the coast when Kong came to attack the coastal village. Denham was able to incapacitate the beast with gas bombs. He then convinced its captain, Captain Englehorn, to take the ape back to New York.

Merian C. Cooper's King Kong

Kong: King of Skull Island

Wrought with guilt over Kong's death, Carl Denham sailed the Wanderer back to Skull Island, and was never seen again.

King Kong vs. Tarzan


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