Spear of Anguirus

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Spear of Anguirus
Spear of Anguirus
Use(s) Weapon for Jet Jaguar
Creator(s) Otaki Factory
First appearance Godzilla Singular Point

The Spear of Anguirus (アンギラスの槍,   Angirasu no yari) is a weapon that appears in the 2021 anime series Godzilla Singular Point. Crafted out of a spike from the monster Anguirus by Otaki Factory, it is wielded by their robot, Jet Jaguar, against monsters such as Kumonga, Rodan, and Godzilla Ultima.


The Spear of Anguirus is named as such by Goro Otaki due to one of Anguirus' spikes being used as the weapon's blade.


The blade of the Spear of Anguirus is a large spike retrieved from the body of Anguirus that is narrow in width but large and broad on its side. The blade is brown, with a spray-painted pattern starting at the tip of three lines that circle the entire blade and turn into points on the flat side of the blade. Below these is a triangle sitting atop a swirling line. The blade is nailed to a brown tang, and further held to this with a white cloth-like substance. The handle is a silvery metal and covered in a pattern of interlocking diamonds. The bottom of the handle connects to another tang, which holds a smaller metal blade.


Reiwa era

Godzilla Singular Point


After Otaki Factory slayed the monster Anguirus, its founder Goro Otaki retrieved one of the monster's horns and claimed it as a trophy. Goro had originally intended for it to be used as an arrow for the company's robot Jet Jaguar to fire at Godzilla, but receptionist Satomi Kanahara suggested turning it into a spear instead. The crew at Otaki Factory worked on crafting the spear as they rebuilt Jet Jaguar. Once both were finished, Yun Arikawa loaded the AI Yung into the mech to pilot it. Jet Jaguar was initially awkward with the spear, but became significantly better at it after he downloaded a program on wielding it. With Jet Jaguar and the spear ready, Goro, Yun, and Haberu Kato headed for Tokyo to hunt Godzilla.


After learning Godzilla had seemingly been killed, the Otaki Factory group instead decided to investigate a strange nest that had overtaken a marina with three of its employees. Jet Jaguar detected an enemy whilst the group headed towards the marina, which turned out to be the spider-like Kumonga. Jet Jaguar quickly slew this enemy with the Spear of Anguirus, but six more followed it. Jet Jaguar fought off four while two pursued the group, dismembering all of them and then throwing the spear into another Kumonga that had pinned down Yun. Grouping back up, they realized the last Kumonga had captured Kanda, one of the marina employees, and taken him to the nest. Jet Jaguar investigated the nest, scanning to find twenty Kumonga inside as the pieces of the slain ones suddenly reanimated and returned to attack the group.


Jet Jaguar held off the Kumonga until his companions took shelter inside an office in the marina, and continued to fight them as his battery ran low. Using this distraction, the humans freed Kanda and made a break for a boat while Jet Jaguar moved into the marina to defend them once a Kumonga had noticed them. Before he could escape with them, Jet Jaguar was then knocked into a boat as a Kamanga joined the fray and used its oversized claws to dual Jet Jaguar's spear. Jet Jaguar battled the monster even as sparks from the Spear of Anguirus colliding with the monster's blades ignited gasoline from the boat, setting the nest ablaze. Jet Jaguar battled his way to the roof of the facility where Hanenga and Zenbunga joined the battle. With his battery nearly dead, he purged his main battery and made a dash for the boat, clinging on as his battery died and leaving the burning nest behind.


After the battle with the Kumonga, Otaki Factory learned that Godzilla was still alive and set back out to hunt it with Shunya Sato. After Jet Jaguar unexpectedly went into a forced update that left it constantly rebooting, a Rodan attacked the boat the group was traveling on, only for Jet Jaguar to awaken and slay the creature. Jet Jaguar then pulled himself onto land and finished updating, overriding Jet Jaguar Yung into the toddler-like Jet Jaguar PP. This new AI revealed coordinates that would lead them to the final message Michiyuki Ashihara had predicted they'd receive, positioned towards one hundred meters above Tokyo Station.


On their way through Tokyo, now onboard Otaki Factory's truck, Jet Jaguar noticed a flock of Rodan attacking a group of soldiers led by Colonel Yoshiyasu Matsubara and leapt in to defend them, killing several Rodan and chasing off the rest. After a plan was formulated between Otaki Factory and the soldiers to bring their Orthogonal Diagonalizer to Tokyo Station, where Godzilla now resided, Jet Jaguar was fitted with a flight pack. Otaki Factory's truck and three trucks of soldiers departed for Godzilla.


En route to Godzilla, multiple flocks of Rodan attacked the group, focusing on Otaki Factory's truck despite the other trucks' efforts to drive away and draw the Rodan to them. As they neared Godzilla, Goro noticed the road ended in a large drop off, and had Jet Jaguar and Yun launch with the Orthogonal Diagonalizer before the truck went over with help from Haberu. In flight, the Rodan still assaulted them, and Jet Jaguar fought them off until they found themselves between the flock and Godzilla. Godzilla used his atomic breath to disintegrate the flock, causing Jet Jaguar to crash-land onto the monster's back, separating Yun and the Orthogonal Diagonalizer from Jet Jaguar as he was forced to use the spear as an anchor and stab it into Godzilla to keep himself from falling. When Godzilla next moved, it accidentally knocked the Orthogonal Diagonalizer off its back, forcing Yun to jump after it. Jet Jaguar subsequently abandoned the Spear of Anguirus in Godzilla's back to catch Yun.



Jet Jaguar was able to stab and slice with the main blade of the Spear of Anguirus effectively, cutting through Rodan and Kumonga with little effort and leaving a gash in the thick hide of Godzilla, although the blade was too small to actually harm him. Only the gigantic blades possessed by Kamanga and Zenbunga were capable of halting the weapon unharmed. The smaller spike on the other end of the spear was also an effective stabbing weapon, punching through Kumongas and the back of a Rodan's mouth to hold it in place.

All Encompassing Strike

In Godzilla Battle Line, Jet Jaguar's leader ability, All Encompassing Strike, allows him to spin 360° with the weapon to slice at enemies in all directions. It also gives allied long-range units a 50% speed increase for 15 seconds. As a unit, the Spear allows Jet Jaguar to block damage from the first two attacks aimed at him when he is summoned to the battlefield. He also attacks with it, a move which can hit multiple ground targets in front of him.

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