Curtiss F8C Helldiver

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Curtiss F8C Helldiver
A fleet of Curtiss F8C Helldivers in the 1933 King Kong film
Height 3.12 meters[1]
Length 8.41 meters[1]
Targets King Kong
Piloted by Multiple
First appearance Latest appearance
King Kong (2005) King Kong (2005)

The Curtiss F8C Helldiver is an American military reconnaissance biplane manufactured by Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company during the early-to-mid 1930's, specifically a member of the Curtiss Falcon family of military biplanes operated by the US Navy. A fleet of F8Cs famously appears in the climax of the 1933 film King Kong, and reappear in the 2005 remake of the original.


King Kong (1933)

After escaping from the exhibit and traveling across New York while carrying Ann Darrow, King Kong began scaling the Empire State Building, reaching the observation deck in just a few minutes. Shortly afterward, the US Military sent in a fleet of four Helldivers to confront King Kong. After setting Ann down on the building's observation deck, King Kong climbed up to the Empire State Building's spire and roared to challenge the aircraft, which began flying around him and shooting at him with their machine guns. Although Kong fought well, swatting one of the planes out of the sky, the remaining aircraft were too much for the giant primate to handle. Mortally wounded by machine-gun fire, King Kong fell from the building's spire to his death far below.

King Kong (2005)

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  • Each Curtiss F8C Helldiver is armed with a machine gun mounted aft of the propeller.


  • Owing to the different time periods the 1976 remake is set in, UH-1 Iroquois helicopters are used for the same role the Helldivers had in the original film.


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