Atomic Heat Ray Gun

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Atomic Heat Ray Gun
The Atomic Heat Ray Gun in Mothra
Targets Mothra
First appearance Mothra

The Atomic Heat Ray Gun (原子熱線砲,   Genshi Nessenhō) is a mobile weapon which appeared in the 1961 Toho kaiju film Mothra, and later through stock footage in the 2002 film Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla.


Showa era


As the titanic Mothra larva entered Tokyo, the JSDF followed, attempting to attack it to no avail. Damaging Tokyo Tower, the larva formed a gigantic cocoon around herself, prompting the use of the Atomic Heat Ray Guns. Firing their beams at the silky capsule, the intense heat caused the cocoon to burst into flame. However, rather than killing off Mothra, the heat provided her the energy to fully transform. Breaking free of the cocoon, Mothra flew away from Japan toward New Kirk City, leaving the nation bewildered.

Millennium era

Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla

After the appearance of a second Godzilla in Tateyama in 1999, Prime Minister Machiko Tsuge and Minister of Science and Technology Hayato Igarashi discussed how after the original Godzilla raided Tokyo in 1954, monsters frequently menaced Japan. One such monster was Mothra, a huge moth that attacked Tokyo in 1961. To combat the monster, the JSDF used advanced Atomic Heat Ray Guns, which would later form the technological basis for the Maser Cannons.

Video games




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