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Natarl UFOs
Natarl UFOs in Battle in Outer Space
Targets Space Station JSS-3, Moon All Terrain Vehicles, FFE Space Fighters
Piloted by Natarls
Launched from Natarl Mother Ship
First appearance Battle in Outer Space

The Natarl UFOs (ナタール円盤,   Natāru Enban, lit. Natarl Flying Saucer) are spaceships created by Toho that first appeared in the 1959 tokusatsu film, Battle in Outer Space.


Showa era

Battle in Outer Space

The Natarl UFOs were first seen in the year 1965, when they attacked Space Station JSS-3. The ship's crew were greatly startled by the appearance of these attacking crafts and began firing off the ship's laser turret. However, the efforts proved useless as the invaders closed in on the craft, soon reducing it to space debris.

Years later, the crew of the SPIP vowed to avenge the deaths of those present on the space station, and were assigned a mission to locate the aliens' base of operations on the Moon. Once the base was located, the SPIP crew began assaulting it with small laser cannons as some of the UFOs were freely flying to and from it. A Moon All Terrain Vehicle then also joined the effort and the combined beams managed to damage the base. The mission was therefore a success and the crew began to retreat back to their lunar exploration vehicles, but not without trouble from the UFOs. Although the All Terrain Vehicles' laser cannons ended up decimating the crafts, the UFOs managed to damage one of the exploration vehicles (Car 2)' treads, making it obsolete.

Yet another time later, this time after the SPIP crew escaped back to Earth, the Moon base which turned out to double as a mother ship was repaired and a fleet of UFOs escorted it to Tokyo. There, the Mother Ship began destroying much of the city with a tractor beam of sorts. Albeit, an FFE Fighter backed up by two Atomic Heat Cannons used their combined fire power to destroy the ship as well as the UFOs it was accompanied by.

Video games



The Natarl UFOs are capable of flight and space travel.


The Natarl UFOs are armed with a laser cannon mounted in the ship's bow.

Mind control

The Natarl UFOs are able to implant beings with mind control devices.

Absolute zero ray

The Natarl UFOs are able to fire an invisible ray that reduces the temperature of its target to absolute zero.

Disintegration beam

The Natarl UFOs are able to fire a beam that can disintegrate targets.




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