Orthogonal Diagonalizer

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Orthogonal Diagonalizer
An Orthogonal Diagonalizer in Godzilla Singular Point
Alternate names O.D.
Targets Salunga, Godzilla
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla Singular Point episode 7, "Omniarch" Godzilla Singular Point episode 13, "Together"

The Orthogonal Diagonalizer (オーソゴナル・ダイアゴナライザー,   Ōsogonaru Daiagonaraizā) is a superweapon developed by Bearach Byrne in the 2021 Godzilla anime series Godzilla Singular Point. Acting as a catalyst to adjacent Archetype particles, it is itself composed of Archetype which has been advanced to its thirteenth phase. Depending on the detonation code which is entered, an Orthogonal Diagonalizer can cause Archetype to react in trillions of potential ways. The most common form of the device was a projectile which was set to crystallize Red Dust into shards that could impale kaiju.


The Orthogonal Diagonalizer closely resembles the Oxygen Destroyer superweapon introduced in the original Godzilla film in general configuration. A metallic metal outer container houses a glass cylinder in the middle between the end pieces. The ends are asymmetrical, with one side being longer than the other and entirely metallic. The exterior of the shorter end is rounder, and terminates in a small protrusion encircled with a red ring at the base. The glass on the central container is green and transparent, revealing an enclosed inner container made of two half-circles sealed together.


Reiwa era

Godzilla Singular Point


While researching notes from Michiyuki Ashihara, Mei Kamino discovered a note mentioning the Orthogonal Diagonalizer.


While discussing the Red Dust overtaking the world and the kaiju that came with it, Dr. Li Guiying explained to Mei Kamino that the Orthogonal Diagonalizer was an invention created by Ashihara that could neutralize the Red Dust. While SHIVA had been unable to utilize it, Li believed Mei's research would allow her coworker Bearach "BB" Byrne to harness it.

After conventional weaponry failed to stop Salunga from climbing out of the pit in SHIVA's Upala research station, BB brought out the Orthogonal Diagonalizer in a suitcase. He kicked it off into the pit, and a parachute activated, slowing the OD's descent. He then set it off once the OD had reached the Red Dust below Salunga, transforming it into sharp spikes that impaled the monster, incapacitating it and damaging parts of the facility. However, the resulting crystals began breaking down rapidly, which disappointed BB as it would eventually allow for Salunga's escape. Some time after this, Mei discussed the Orthogonal Diagonalizer with Yun Arikawa.


At his home, BB postulated to his daughter Lina Byrne that the Orthogonal Diagonalizer was the key to controlling Archetype in its native transtemporal dimension. He was then seized by SHIVA security and brought to Tilda Miller over the damage caused by the Orthogonal Diagonalizer and his refusal to talk to her about the incident. During the interrogation, Michael Steven came in and defended BB as the OD had stopped Salunga. Michael added that Ashihara had predicted Archetype recreating the world in the 21st century, and revealed the board had approved the continuation of Ashihara's experiments based on Mei's findings.


While further researching Ashihara's work, Mei discovered a catastrophe that would occur in the future and believed that the Orthogonal Diagonalizer could cause it if used improperly. She later brought it up with Li while she was on a video call with Tilda, Michael, and BB. While Mei argued the Catastrophe should be their top priority, everyone else agreed that using the Orthogonal Diagonalizer to rid the world of the Red Dust rapidly overtaking it was a more pressing concern.


Following its first usage against Salunga, BB modified the casing of subsequent Orthogonal Diagonalizers and SHIVA began mass producing them. Salunga soon escaped its bindings and surfaced in a nearby town, wrecking havoc as BB and two guards moved to intercept it with two Orthogonal Diagonalizers. The first one was fired into a low concentration of Red Dust and only left some small crystals in the monster's face, but the second one was successfully shot within a dense cloud and created much larger and sturdier spikes, once again leaving Salunga impaled and incapacitated.


At Misakioku Radio Observatory, Takehiro Kai captured Yun, Haberu Kato, and employees of the Observatory. He and Yun discussed the Catastrophe, with Yun warning him that the growth of Singular Points was causing its occurrence and that they must be stopped. Takehiro dismissed him, believing that humanity must find a way to adapt to the Singular Point. He questioned whether even the Orthogonal Diagnolizer could destroy it before departing. At SHIVA, Mei and Tilda argued about the Catastrophe, Mei believing all efforts must be put towards stopping it. Tilda held that the Orthogonal Diagnolizer code was a higher priority, and that Mei must either be on board or kicked out. After this debate, Tilda learned that BB had stolen most of the facility's Orthogonal Diagonalizers and sent the facility's mercenaries after him, Lina, Mei, and her AI Pelops II. As they made their escape, BB explained to his group that Li's dying wish was to send the Orthogonal Diagonalizers around the world to deal with the Singular Points. After Michael helped them escape, the group traveled back towards SHIVA using an underground network of caves. In Japan, Li's butler Makita K. Nakagawa delivered an Orthogonal Diagonalizer to Yukie Kanoko.


After arriving in the pit below SHIVA and witnessing the aftermath of an explosion caused by the Super Dimensional Calculator, BB explained to Mei and Lina that Li had figured out how to avoid such an outcome when creating Archetype and the Orthogonal Diagonalizer. In Tokyo, Yukie and Makita delivered their Orthogonal Diagonalizer to Colonel Yoshiyasu Matsubara under the impression he already had a code that would permanently destroy the Red Dust. Instead, he suggested finding Yun to help operate it. At SHIVA, BB, Mei, and Lina came across the results of BB's first usage of the Orthogonal Diagonalizer while climbing towards SHIVA. BB explains that the code he used was discovered by Ashihara, and that since the version used above ground just made the effect more extreme, Salunga could escape at any moment. In Tokyo, Matsubara found Yun and allowed him to study the Orthogonal Diagonalizer, who found that it would be simple to operate once the code was received, which he believed would be sent in four hours, 100 meters above Tokyo Station. Matsubara was skeptical of this notion and initially offered to hold onto the Orthogonal Diagonalizer, but trusted Yun and the rest of Otaki Factory enough to support their expedition. However, he revealed to the group that the monster Godzilla had stopped at Tokyo Station and grew to over 100 meters in height, making it their destination. At SHIVA, Mei and her group reached the facility's Super Dimensional Calculator and allowed Pelops II to access it while BB attempted to find the code for the Orthogonal Diagnolizer. They were dismayed to find the number of potential codes exceeded three billion and grew even greater as the calculations continued. The Singular Point's distortion of space grew as well. The group realized that the future was fluctuating and that Pelops II needed to cut off the calculation before the future diverged for it to be successful, but his progress was hindered and they began investigating the problem. In the facility itself, Tilda learned Salunga had broken free and had her last Orthogonal Diagonalizer prepared in order to fight it. At the calculator, BB learned the Catastrophe was causing the divergence and was only three hours to three months away as Pelops II returned with an image of the Catastrophe, which resembled Ashihara's notes, and revealed to Mei he had been attempting to stop the Catastrophe. As he attempted to find more of Ashihara's notes on the subject, Pelops II began to diverge himself and caused the calculator to shut off.


After combining with his divergences, Pelops II noticed an unfinished task which BB and Mei realized was Ashihara's attempt to find the code for the Orthogonal Diagonalizer that was left unfinished due to an explosion it caused. Pelops II left to investigate the task. On SHIVA's roof, Tilda had her head mercenary fire their Orthogonal Diagonalizer at Salunga, only for the monster to move the Red Dust surrounding it away from the detonation and render the device useless. At the Super Dimensional Calculator, Pelops confirmed Mei and BB's theories that Ashihara had been using Archetype to halt the growth of the Singular Points and began repairing the task. As it was being repaired, BB found out the Catastrophe would occur in twenty minutes, insufficient time to complete the task. Pelops II instead began heading to the past, as the task was still connected to its creation 50 years ago. As he was repairing the task, Salunga successfully broke into the building and began destroying the outer shell of the calculator.

In Tokyo, Yun and Jet Jaguar had managed to travel to Godzilla with their Orthogonal Diagonalizer, and found themselves between a flock of Rodan and Godzilla himself. Godzilla fired his atomic breath to destroy the Rodan, which caused Jet Jaguar to crash land on his back while trying to avoid it, and separating the two and the Orthogonal Diagonalizer from each other. Yun moved to grab the Orthogonal Diagonalizer and successfully grabbed it when both fell from the monster's back, but the prophesied code never arrived. Jet Jaguar caught Yun just before he could hit the ground, but his damaged flight pack forced them to crash-land again. The impact flung Jet Jaguar, with the Orthogonal Diagonalizer attached to him, far from Yun, while also alerting Godzilla to Yun's location. At Shiva, despite Salunga forcing his human companions to retreat to a nearby elevator, Pelops II was still able to complete the task, only to finds that there was no code for the Orthogonal Diagonalizer that could stop the Catastrophe. Suddenly, the song "APALU UPALA" began playing from the Super Dimensional Calculator and Mei realized it was a message. Pelops II headed back into the calculator to analyze the song as the Catastrophe occurs, and severed communication between him and his companions. Inside the task, Pelops II discovered a visage of Michiyuki Ashihara and found that the program to make Jet Jaguar invincible that Yun had previously asked them to calculate was reacting to the visage. Moments later, Salunga destroyed the calculator.

The Orthogonal Diagonalizer activated, causing Jet Jaguar to grow to 100 meters in height and allowing him to save Yun from Godzilla's atomic breath. As he battles Godzilla, Jet Jaguar PP remembered and explained to Yun that he was a distant descendant of Pelops II and Jet Jaguar Yung, had been broadcasting "ALAPU UPALA" until the moment arrived when he was able to fight the Catastrophe, and was the code to the Orthogonal Diagonalizer. As Godzilla's atomic breath blasted a hole through Jet Jaguar, he said his goodbyes to Yun and released the code, converting all of the Red Dust around the world into blue crystals and causing Godzilla to disappear.


Archetype manipulation

The Orthogonal Diagonalizer acts as a catalyst towards archetype, creating reactions of varying degrees depending on the code entered, of which there are billions. The code that was utilized the most was turned archetype into large spikes twisting in multiple directions capable of damaging much of the environment and impaling Salunga, but these were unstable and immediately began disintegrating. Bearach Byrne was able to alter this reaction by modifying the casing of the Orthogonal Diagonalizer, creating larger, straighter spikes that were much more stable. Another code allowed Jet Jaguar to reactivate itself and grow from 10 meters in height to around 100 meters in height. Potentially the same code made up of the AI Jet Jaguar PP, caused all of the red dust to transform into completely stable blue crystals and destroying the Singular Points producing it.


Godzilla Singular Point

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During the battle against the first Godzilla, Michiyuki Ashihara witnessed the monster's defeat through the use of the Oxygen Destroyer. After the battle, Ashihara would attempt to replicate it, but his attempts instead resulted in the creation of the Orthogonal Diagonalizer.




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