M6000 T.C. System

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M6000 T.C. System
The M6000 T.C. System in Godzilla vs. Biollante
Targets Godzilla, SSS9

The Microwave 6000 Thunder Control System (マイクロウェーブ6000サンダーコントロールシステム,   Maikurouēbu 6000 Sandā Kontorōru Shisutemu), abbreviated as M6000 T.C. System (M6000TCシステム,   M6000TC Shisutemu), is a series of electrical generators and microwave pads which first appeared in the 1989 Godzilla film, Godzilla vs. Biollante.


Heisei era

Godzilla vs. Biollante

After the partial success of the MBT-MB92s in heating the infected Godzilla, the JSDF decided to upscale the technology, thus creating the M6000 T.C. System. They were deployed at Wakasa Bay after Godzilla started heading towards a Power Plant. The giant electrical pylons were supplemented by a series of microwave pads that activated on the orders of JSDF majors. Godzilla was blasted by the electrical shocks, and the microwave pads began to heat his body up, activating the bacteria. However, the military had to retreat to a safe distance after Biollante descended from space in a new form. After the battle, the JSDF watched closely to see if the plan was successful, and it was; the system had worked, and Godzilla fell into the ocean, exhausted after the Bacteria successfully lowered the nuclear reactions in his heart. Suddenly, SSS9 shot Genichiro Shiragami in an act of revenge, but he too was killed by Sho Kuroki after he activated a microwave pad that SSS9 was standing on.


Concept art


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