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Toho Company, Limited Vehicles
An FFE Space Fighter in Battle in Outer Space
FFE Space Fighter
Targets Natarl UFOs
Piloted by Multiple

The FFE Space Fighters (宇宙戦闘機,   Uchū Sentōki?, lit. Space Fighter) are single-pilot spaceships created by Toho that first appeared in the 1959 tokusatsu film, Battle in Outer Space.


Showa Series

Battle in Outer Space

After the successful Moon mission, Earth began to prepare for a counterattack from the Natarls. As the enemy aliens approached the Earth, squadrons of FFE Space Fighters were deployed from bases in Tokyo, Texas, and Siberia to combat them. Although a handful of the Natarl UFOs were shot down, the Mother Ship was able to breach the line of defense.

The Mother Ship arrived in Tokyo and began to trash the city with a vacuum-esque beam, so the remaining FFE Fighters attempted to stop the attack. With help from the Atomic Heat Cannons, the FFE Fighters shot down the attacking UFOs and their Mother Ship.


  • Capable of flight and space travel
  • Laser cannon





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