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The Earth in Monster Planet of Godzilla
Subtitle(s) Planetary Research Vessel
(惑星探査艇,   Wakusei Tansatei)[1]
Height 22.8 meters
Length 88 meters
Wingspan 58 meters
Weight 482 metric tons
Targets Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan
Piloted by Professor Dreamon
First appearance Monster Planet of Godzilla

The Earth (アース号,   Āsu-gō) is a spacefaring exploration ship which appears in the 1994 theme park attraction Monster Planet of Godzilla.


Despite its Japanese name and the English inscriptions on either side of its hull being simply "Earth," a computer screen during Monster Planet of Godzilla gives it the full designation "THE EARTH Type PV-02."


The Earth was designed by Shinji Nishikawa like its sister ship Planet, and was modified from a large scale prop of the Garuda from Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II.[2] The prop was constructed of wood, FRP, metal, and acrylic.[3] Originally, the miniature was intended to be remodeled as the Star Falcon for Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla, but a new prop was instead constructed due to the finished design differing too greatly.[2]


Monster Planet of Godzilla

Following the receipt of distress signals from the exploration ship Planet, which had been tasked with visiting a strange green planet at Space Point M-119 a week prior, the Space Exploration Station sent Earth on a rescue mission to find it. Due to the danger posed by an asteroid field between our solar system and that of M-119's, the Earth used its experimental warp engine to travel to the planet unscathed. There, the ship found itself in a lush forest where the Planet had been downed. Suddenly, it encountered Mothra, Rodan, and Godzilla, who saw it as a threat and made attempts to destroy it. Evading all three, it flew behind Godzilla and blasted it with its dual laser cannons, but was struck by a blast from the monster's atomic breath. Unfazed, Earth rammed into Godzilla, toppling him and allowing the Planet enough time to relaunch and escape. However, due to contaminates which were carried to the planet on Earth's surface, the warp took all three kaiju with it to Tokyo. Aided by a fleet of JSDF fighters, the Earth engaged Godzilla in battle. Buffeting him in fire, Godzilla destroyed the military's ground defenses with his atomic breath but was soon attacked by Rodan, then Mothra. As Godzilla trampled through the city now surrounded by an aura of Mothra's scales, the Earth flew overhead and unleashed a payload of green powder from its underside. The substance encapsulated Godzilla and the other monsters in bubbles, floating them into the air and returning them to their home planet. Victorious, the Earth flew back into the skies to redock.



The Earth is capable of sustained space flight and equipped with a warp engine to travel great distances.


The Earth can hold a maximum capacity of 206 passengers.

Laser cannon

The Earth is equipped with dual laser cannons.

Light wave torpedo

The Earth can fire a light wave torpedo.

Missile launchers

The Earth is equipped with three missile launchers.

Encapsulation powder

A payload of green powder is stored in its underside to encapsulate enemies.


The Earth is protected by a specialized shielding capable of resisting Godzilla's atomic breath.



Monster Planet of Godzilla



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