Solstice Technologies Helicopter

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Solstice Technologies Helicopter
The second form of the Solstice TEchnologies HElicopter fighting Godzilla
Height Unknown
Length Unknown
Targets Godzilla
Piloted by Unknown

The Solstice Technologies Helicopter was a Military-grade weapon developed by Cameron Winter's Solstice Technologies. It was one of the weapons used to attract Godzilla to Winter's testing facility, and was also used to defend the island when Godzilla attacked it.


Godzilla: The Series

After noticing that Godzilla was in New York City, fighting an Electricity monster, Cameron Winter sent many of his experimental Military vehicles to try to attract Godzilla to his island where he would be the test subject for all of his weapons. After taking out Winter's military and the electricity monster, Winter sent the Solstice Technologies Helicopter to gain his interest. Godzilla destroyed it, and fought through many other monsters and waves of Solstice Military before arriving at Solstice Technologies headquarters, where another Solstice Technologies Helicopter awaited. Godzilla destroyed it and continued to level Solstice Technologies.



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Godzilla: The Series