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Godzilla: The Series Episodes
"Freak Show"
Series Godzilla: The Series
Episode # 25
Directed by Christopher Berkeley
Written by Mark Hoffmeier
Air date 10/9/1999

"Protector" is the twenty-fifth episode of Godzilla: The Series and the fourth episode of season 2.


An archaeologist on the Arabian Peninsula examining a tablet, when another tells him that they have found a way to remove rust from a statue, which while being cleaned, comes to life. After the opening credits, Niko Tatopoulos is seen telling Randy Hernandez and Mendel Craven to get ready for a trip to the Middle East. They arrive at the Ho Kuk Oil Refinery, where there has been a monster attack. When Nick asks why nothing is burning, Anthony Hicks tells them that that is because there is no oil left to burn. He then states that this is one of many attacks where all oil has been drained from a refinery. Nick sends Randy and Mendel into town, while he and the team find a trail to follow. The follow it to another refinery that is already under attack. They watch in awe as Norzzug absorbs the oil with its paw, shortly before Godzilla arrives to fight it. He is defeated by a sandstorm created by Norzzug, who flies away, and gets into a nearby body of water to recover. The group then discover that Norzzug uses the oil as an energy source, which Monique Dupre suggests will generate heat signature, which they can use to track it. based on an ancient inscription, Monique deciphers that the creature once guarded the city of Amon-Ra, but had to be restrained when it got too dangerous. The soon track it to the place where Amon-Ra was located in 650 B.C.E., where H.E.A.T. and Dr. Kasan, the archaeologist seen before are attacked by it. They soon discover that Norzzug uses the oil it absorbs to power its fire breath, and that it is made of metal. They then determine that water is the way to stop Norzzug, as it will rust his body, and Nick formulates a plan to flood a salt mine with oil to attract the monster, and allow the salt and nearby water to rust it. Godzilla appears to fight Norzzug and lure it into the water, and the plan is successful.


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