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Godzilla: The Series Episodes
"Area 51"
Series Godzilla: The Series
Episode # 31
Directed by Sean Song
Written by Robin Russin
Air date 2/19/2000

"Shafted" is the thirty-first episode of Godzilla: The Series and the tenth episode of season 2.


The episode opens with two teenagers exploring an abondonned mine. when they find a vein of silver ore and try to mine it, the Silver Hydra attacks them. H.E.A.T., who is in the area, stops at a local diner and they learn of a mining camp whose inhabitants went missing 50 years prior, allegedly due to the mine coming alive and taking them. In the camp, they find the sister of the boys who went missing earlier. They then go into the mine, but leave Monique Dupre with the girl. When they come to a fork, they split into teams. Craven and Randy Hernandez eventually come across a wall of statues, with gear dated 1949. They then deduce that the statues must be the missing miners, while Nick and Elsie come across the Silver Hydra. It sprays Elsie with molten silver, which begins to solidify and encase her, starting with her legs. They escape the beast, and run into Randy and Craven who have found the missing boys. They are able to free the boys with a laser that Craven was calibrating on the road, but the girl went into the mine to find her brothers, and and she and Monique, who chased after her, are attacked by the Silver Hydra. They escape it in a mine cart, and it attacks the others. Craven dices it with his laser, but the pieces of the creature regenerated into individual Hydras. Godzilla then burrows into the mine and liquefies the Hydras with his atomic ray, and the hydras regenerate into a single two-headed Silver Hydra. It sprays Godzilla with the silver substance and the group is forced to abandon Godzilla. Meanwhile, Monique and the girl are still on the run from a single-headed Hydra, but they soon find the rest of the team. They then use craven's laser to flood the mine with cold water from the nearby mountain spring, reasoning that heat from Yellowstone Park's geysers had awoken the Hydra from hibernation. They all escape safely, and the cold water shatters Godzilla's silver casing, allowing him to burrow out of the mine.


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