Fox Kids Magazine #34

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Godzilla: The Series
Issue #34
Issue #36
Fox Kids Magazine #34
The cover of issue 34 of Fox Kids Magazine
Story by Scott Russell
Art by Paul Mounts
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FOX Kids
FOX Kids Magazine

"Monster Wars" is a comic based on Godzilla: The Series. It debuted in issue #34 of Fox Kids Magazine in the summer of 1999. It served to advertise the then-upcoming "Monster Wars" trilogy.


Monsters run rampant all across the globe. While this is happening, the H.E.A.T. team, Audrey Timmonds, and Victor "Animal" Palotti are held captive by two mutant Leviathan Aliens, who have Elsie Chapman under their control, holding her friends at gunpoint. Niko Tatopoulos threatens to fight the aliens' plan to destroy all of humanity, but they correct him and say that destruction is not their goal. They merely wish to enslave all humans. Godzilla then surfaces from below the Potomac River in Washington D.C.. The Leviathan Aliens and their prisoners watch this on their cameras, and Mendel Craven offers to Tatopoulos to reprogram the mind control panel, but Monique Dupre grabs Chapman's gun and destroys the panel remotely. The Leviathan Aliens dismiss this, as their planet's armada is making its way toward Earth, and since their military supplies are low from the monster attacks, they will be helpless to stop the impending invasion.



Weapons, vehicles, and races







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