Godzilla vs. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #5

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Godzilla vs. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers issues
Issue #4
Issue #5
Godzilla vs. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers II #1
Godzilla vs. The Mighty
Morphin Power Rangers
Cover A of issue #5 by Freddie E. Williams II
Story by Cullen Bunn
Art by Freddie E. Williams II
Cover by
  • Freddie E. Williams II (CVR A, RI)
  • Fatima Wajid (CVR B)[1]
Colors by Andrew Dalhouse
Letters by Johanna Nattalie
Edits by
  • Tom Waltz
  • Charles Beacham
  • Nicolas Niño (assistant)
Godzilla vs MMPR Logo.png
BOOM! Studios
Godzilla vs. The Mighty
Morphin Power Rangers

Godzilla vs. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #5 is the fifth and final issue of IDW Publishing and BOOM! Studios' crossover comic miniseries. It was published on September 14, 2022.[2]


Godzilla and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have faced a host of terrible foes. Now, though, they face their greatest challenge — the mighty King Ghidorah! Can the “teenagers with attitude” and the King of the Monsters put aside their differences long enough to survive an attack from the three-headed tyrant? Find out in the bombastic conclusion to the most colossal crossover event of the year![2]


Using his gravity beams and hurricane-force winds generated by his wings, King Ghidorah easily overpowers Rita Repulsa's monsters Snizzard, Grumble Bee, and Slippery Shark, as well as her henchmen Goldar and Scorpina in their giant forms. Rita questions how King Ghidorah is able to overcome the combined forces of so many of her monsters, but the Supreme Controller of Planet X reminds her that he was able to defeat Godzilla and the Power Rangers at the same time, enraging her. As Ghidorah blasts Slippery Shark with his gravity beams, Rita asks Finster what monsters they still have at their disposal, but he replies that they have exhausted them all. The Supreme Controller declares that he tried to warn Rita, but she did not listen. Now the only of Rita's minions still standing on the battlefield, Goldar and Scorpina prepare to attack Ghidorah yet again just before the Megazord leaps back into the battle and attacks Ghidorah with the Power Sword. Seeing the Megazord back in the fight, the Green Ranger returns to the damaged Dragonzord and activates it, while Scorpina and Goldar wonder whose side they are on. The Dragonzord tackles King Ghidorah from behind to back up the Megazord, much to the relief of the other Rangers. The Dragonzord pushes Ghidorah into the water, where an enraged Godzilla grabs him and drags him under the surface. The Megazord and Dragonzord then combine into the Mega Dragonzord, terrifying Goldar and Scorpina, who decide to return to Rita's side in order to "offer her protection." Ghidorah manages to surface, but with Godzilla clinging onto him and biting down on his middle neck. The Mega Dragonzord then blasts Ghidorah with a massive beam, launching him into the air. As he ascends, Ghidorah retaliates by firing his gravity beams, though they deal considerably less damage to the Mega Dragonzord than they did to the Megazord earlier. The Mega Dragonzord fires its beam again, this time in combination with Godzilla's atomic breath, striking Ghidorah in midair and knocking him out of the sky. Godzilla catches his nemesis and then throws him violently into the ground, leaving him lying unconscious.

Godzilla roars victoriously, but quickly turns his attention to the damaged Xilien UFO hovering above him and blasts it with his atomic breath at full power. As the UFO is consumed by the blast, Rita desperately reaches for her staff in order to use the Multiversal Focus just before the craft crashes into the ground and explodes. The impact causes her staff to slam onto the ground, fracturing the Multiversal Focus. Goldar, Scorpina, and Finster ask if it will still work and allow them to escape this dimension, and in response Rita activates it in order to find out. Godzilla immediately fires his atomic breath at the Mega Dragonzord, still seeing the Power Rangers as a threat. The Mega Dragonzord fires its beam, and both combatants' attacks collide in midair. Zordon contacts the Rangers and informs them that Rita has withdrawn from this dimension. The Blue Ranger suggests that they leave as well, as they have their own world to protect. The Red Ranger agrees, and asks Zordon to bring them back to their home dimension. Godzilla watches as the Mega Dragonzord vanishes before his very eyes, but notices the remaining Xiliens within the wreckage of the UFO nearby. An underling informs the Supreme Controller that the ship has been destroyed, but that they live to conquer another day. The Supreme Controller responds that they will use an escape craft to return to Planet X and return again to conquer Earth, only to turn and see Godzilla just before he incinerates them all with his atomic breath. Having eliminated the invaders, Godzilla roars triumphantly while lightning strikes behind him.

Back at the Command Center in the Rangers' home dimension, Zordon congratulates them for once again defeating Rita and for helping save the alternate Earth from conquest by an invading alien force. The Rangers state that they had unlikely help from Godzilla, even though he wasn't very friendly to them. Alpha 5 says he is glad they are back, as the world didn't feel as safe without them. When the Rangers ask where Rita is now, Zordon replies that his sensors do not detect her in this dimension, but that he has no doubt she will return. Until then, he says, she appears to be lost between dimensions.

Due to her use of the fractured Multiversal Focus to escape the dimension where they were previously, Rita and her minions find themselves endlessly floating between numerous different dimensions, each inhabited by alternate versions of Godzilla or the Power Rangers. Rita furiously laments that everywhere she looks, she sees "those miserable brats" and "that terrible lizard."





Weapons, vehicles, and races





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