The Last Hope

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The Last Hope
The English cover of The Last Hope
Story by Matt Frank
Written by Joshua Bugosh
Art by Matt Frank
Cover by Matt Frank, Goncalo Lopes
Publisher Matt FrankUS, Phase SixJP
Publish date July 14, 2017US,
August 8, 2018JP

The Last Hope (ガメラ:最後の希望,   Gamera: Saigo no Kibō, lit. "Gamera: The Last Hope") is a comic book originally self-published by artist Matt Frank and sold at G-Fest XXIV from July 14-16, 2017 as unlicensed fan fiction. On August 8, 2018, Phase Six officially published it in Japan as a graphic novel with the Dark Horse miniseries Gamera. It was then published in North America and the United Kingdom as part of Arrow Video's Gamera: The Complete Collection Blu-ray box set on August 17th, 2020, once again paired with Dark Horse's Gamera. Though the set quickly went out of print, Frank began releasing pages of the comic to his Patreon supporters on October 26, 2020, then posted it publicly on his DeviantArt that December 1.[1]

A prequel to Shusuke Kaneko's Gamera trilogy, The Last Hope tells the story of how both the Gyaos and Gamera were born and details the fall of the ancient civilization that created them.


Eons ago, the serpentine Garasharp monsters attacked a highly advanced human civilization. Their four generals convened to plan the creatures' demise, with the general of the South suggesting the use of mana to create their own race of monsters. With the others' approval, he supervised the crafting of the bat-like Gyaos, which quickly dispatched the Garasharp. Unfortunately, with their food source gone, the Gyaos turned on humanity. The Northern general proposed countering the Gyaos with guardians who would each be psychically linked to a human via magatama beads: Gamera. All but one fell in battle, but he successfully repelled the Gyaos. Years later, the Gyaos returned, raiding the civilization's city. Worse, a massive Garasharp joined their assault. The last Gamera, bonded to the Northern general, chose to destroy both the city and the monsters attacking it, realizing that humanity would never know peace if his creators kept consuming mana. Survivors of the battle memorialized it in a tablet atop the dormant Gamera, bearing a warning to future generations about the folly of their civilization. The final page reveals hands bearing a small egg atop a stone as it begins to hatch, as the Southern general tends to another mysterious egg. The final narration speculates whether Gamera in the future will oppose monsters that threaten the world, or if mankind will become the threat that needs to be stopped.



Weapons, vehicles, and races


  • Each of the Gameras in The Last Hope has a distinct design, with some patterned after the Showa Gamera, Avant Gamera, and Toto.
  • The original unlicensed version of The Last Hope concludes with three pages of artwork by Sophie Campbell, Adam Milicevic, and Christian Gonzalez.

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