Insane #1

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Insane #1
The cover for Insane #1
Story by Hilary Barta, Stephen D. Sullivan ("Dim Jack");
Brian Thomas ("Mundane's Bar");
Mike Richardson, Jim Bradrick ("Clodzilla");
Dave Schwartz ("Mutants!")
Cover by Jim Bradrick
Pencils by Hilary Barta ("Dim Jack");
Brian Thomas ("Mundane's Bar");
Jim Bradrick ("Clodzilla");
David Schwartz ("Mutants!")
Colors by Art Nichols (cover)
Letters by Willie Schubert ("Dim Jack");
Dave Schwartz ("Mutants!")

Insane #1 is a parody comics anthology published by Dark Horse in February 1988. Godzilla appears in three of the stories, and is joined by Gamera, King Kong, and numerous Toho kaiju in "Clodzilla."

This was the first issue of a two-issue miniseries and the only one of the two issues to feature Godzilla.


"Dim Jack"

Trigger-happy Leopold Gloom attempts to solve his best friend's murder, mostly by shooting everyone in sight. A local bartender, sick of Gloom shooting his customers, reveals himself as the killer before blowing a hole through Gloom with a cannonball. He survives, crawling out of his grave, only for the bartender to drop an atomic bomb on the cemetery for good measure.

"Mundane's Bar"

A bartender obliterates his establishment by serving a nuclear light beer.


Clodzilla stumbles ashore, seeking city-smashing advice from his famous cousin Godzilla. When Gamera mocks the out-of-towner, Godzilla bakes him with atomic breath, then takes him on a walk through a city as other monsters set about destroying it. Godzilla warns Clodzilla of a monster more terrible than any of them, but his cousin is distracted by Bodzilla, who turns out to be the King of the Monsters' girlfriend. When all three of King Ghidorah's heads start hitting on her, Godzilla tries to step in, but the right head shoots first. Clodzilla joins the fight, knocking out Ghidorah with one punch and impressing both Bodzilla and Godzilla. He introduces his cousin to the ultimate monster he spoke of: a national debt nearing $4 trillion. Terrified, Clodzilla takes his leave. The other monsters soon follow suit, and construction workers spring into action, knowing they will return tomorrow.


Professor X-Tra's inept trio of mutant superhero teams struggle to prepare for an impending battle.

"Clodzilla" appearances


Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Warship
  • Fighter jet
  • Bombers
  • Tanks



  • Though published the year after Dark Horse first licensed Godzilla, Insane #1 does not include copyright information for the character and his name is never spoken. Its status as a parody also allowed it to include numerous kaiju whom Dark Horse never licensed - or had yet to license, in the case of Gamera.
  • The cover of Insane #1 showed a Wolverine parody sporting Mickey Mouse ears 21 years before Disney bought Marvel Comics.


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