Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #21

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Godzilla: Rulers of Earth
Issue #20
Issue #21
Issue #22
"Home Invasion"
Cover A of issue #21 by Jeff Zornow
Story by Chris Mowry, Matt Frank
Written by Chris Mowry
Art by Jeff Zornow
Colors by Priscilla Tramontano
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by Bobby Curnow
Sales 6,694[1]
Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

"Home Invasion" is the twenty-first issue of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. It was released on March 4, 2015.


The Trilopods arrive, and no monster is safe! As the Cryog Emperor unleashes an all-out assault on the planet, Lucy and Woods face their own dangers and their only hope for the future may lie in the monsters from the past.


After the Trilopod Hunting Pods land in the Monster Islands, the extraterrestrial creatures invade and attack its inhabitants. An Alpha grabs ahold of Baragon and takes on his form while a Beta tries to capture Sanda. However, the brown Gargantua is saved by his counterpart Gaira, who slams a rock onto the Beta Trilopod. Meanwhile the Cryog commander Rhizon deduces that Emperor Karkaro wants to replicate Earth's monsters with the Trilopods. The commander protests and says that he was going to use Earth's monsters to overthrow the planet and eliminate the humans. Karkaro assures Rhizon that they will do so together and that, due to the sheer amount of energy each monster has, killing them would be a waste. Rhizon warns him not to underestimate Earth's monsters, as not even Godzilla was unable to kill them, to which Karkaro states that the Trilopods won't just defeat them, but also exterminate them. Rhizon notes the ferocity and willingness to live that this planet and its inhabitants possess, but Karkaro dismisses this, stating that it's only a matter of time and that the monsters will be harvested. Those that cannot will be terminated. Rhizon retorts that he was talking about the humans.

Meanwhile, Chavez helps Steven Woods and the Shobijin out of the wreckage of the Monster Islands command center. Woods asks the Shobijin if they're all right, to which they confirm. But they note that while they're alive, they're still in great danger. Woods asks what was it that attacked the facility, as it was too powerful to be Battra. Chavez says that they'll get a head count and that the warning lights are on, asking if it was a monster breakout. Woods replies that Battra broke in, but something else attacked the facility. Just then, a Trilopod battling Sanda and Gaira crashes through the destroyed facility as the personnel evacuate. To their horror, Woods, Chavez, and the Shobijin witness two Trilopods capture Baragon and Rodan and take on their respective appearances. The Monster Islands personnel make it to the docks. Woods explains that they'll use the remaining ships to escape and arrange for a pick-up at sea as the islands are lost. Chavez asks if he'll initiate the escape program, but Woods tells him that some of the monsters are handling things just fine, so they'll keep the Trilopods busy while they escape. Plus, the Mothra Larvae are somewhere off the islands. As the ships escape, a Trilopod taking the form of Kumonga traps Gaira in its webbing before Sanda punches it in the face. While that's going on, the twins Minette and Mallory sense the monsters crying out in rage, but they can't detect Battra. They find him pinned by a Trilopod that has taken on his form and rush to his rescue. Mallory asks what they should do, to which Minette states that because Battra saved them long ago, they owe it to him to at least try and save him before telling her to take her hand. Mallory notes that their minds aren't as strong as they used to be, but Minette tells her that together, they are "gods". They telepathically attack the Battra-Trilopod and after some effort, causes its head to explode, freeing Battra. Back on the Cryog ship, Rhizon reassures Karkaro that taking the planet won't be easy, but the emperor retorts that they have two monsters already and have only lost two Trilopods, so there's no defeat in this battle. Rhizon tells him that the humans have escaped and that there are still monsters that are fighting on the island before stating "Welcome to my world". Outraged, Karkaro backhands Rhizon for mocking him, and states that he's accomplishing what his commander failed to do. They're capturing all the monsters as they speak and Trilopods are seeking them across the globe for harvesting. Karkaro notes that it must cause Rhizon a lot of grief that he's using the commander's own monsters against him, accusing him of planning to use them against his emperor. Rhizon denies this, but Karkaro tells him to watch as he tears Earth apart. He orders for his ship to be summoned to the surface and for the hive to be detached and sent to Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Godzilla and SpaceGodzilla are busy battling a Trilopod with SpaceGodzilla's attributes. After being slammed from behind by another Trilopod resembling Megaguirus, he and SpaceGodzilla are lifted into the air telekinetically and slammed into each other by the SpaceGodzilla-Trilopod. Fighter jets come in to attack the extraterrestrial creatures, but the Megaguirus-Trilopod quickly destroys them. SpaceGodzilla forms a large amount of crystals around him, only for the SpaceGodzilla-Trilopod to shoot several of them at him with telekinesis, much to the space monster's surprise. However, Godzilla blasts them out of the air with his atomic breath and uses another crystal to smash into the SpaceGodzilla-Trilopod. The Megaguirus-Trilopod fires a massive fireball at the two monsters and overpowers SpaceGodzilla, knocking him unconscious. However, Godzilla grabs the Megaguirus-Trilopod by its tail, slams it to the ground, and kills it with his atomic breath. The SpaceGodzilla-Trilopod retaliates by throwing SpaceGodzilla into him, knocking the King of Monsters unconscious as the alien monster traps the both of them in a crystal prison.

In a plane over the Gulf of Mexico heading northbound to San Diego, Woods contacts Jason Ford and tells him that the Monster Islands are gone and that he needs to speak with Lucy. Meanwhile, Chavez reports about the battle in Los Angeles and that they're trying to get a visual, but the area is unstable. Lucy gets on the phone and Woods tells her about the attacks on the islands and that everything there is gone. Lucy asks if everyone's alright, especially Chavez, to which the soldier states that he's fine, most of the crew made it out, and Battra attacked them first before new monsters arrived and destroyed the islands. When asked about Megaguirus and Ebirah, Woods reports that they lost the former near Machu Picchu and that Godzilla has been sighted in Los Angeles, so he's having the plane fly away from there. Lucy asks where they're going and what other creatures attacked the islands. Woods tells her that they'll meet up in Japan in Professor Kenji Ando's lab. Chavez reports of another Trilopod Hunting Pod in Australia's Northern Territory, to which Woods orders him to contact central command and find any possible unaccounted kaiju. Woods tells Lucy that they might not be there when Lucy arrives, but wishes her the best of luck. Lucy asks why he's in such a hurry and what exactly they're going to do, and Woods tells her that the Shobijin need her and while he trusts her, the idea still makes him nervous. He and Chavez are joining the fight against the Trilopods, but they need someone to go with them. Lucy asks what the Shobijin want with them. Woods explains that something is landing on Earth and finding new kaiju. She asks what they can do, and Woods tells her that the Shobijin need her to help find someone before it's too late as he looks at a picture of King Caesar. Meanwhile, in Australia's Northern Territory, a group of Trilopods investigate their surroundings when they're attacked by Gorosaurus. An Alpha Trilopod is ripped apart by the dinosaur's jaws as he kicks a Beta away from him and roars a challenge to the invaders.



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