Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #24

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Godzilla: Rulers of Earth
Issue #23
Issue #24
Issue #25
Cover A of issue #24 by Matt Frank
Story by Chris Mowry, Matt Frank
Written by Chris Mowry
Art by Matt Frank
Colors by Priscilla Tramontano
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by Bobby Curnow
Sales 6,384[1]
Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

"Battlecry" is the twenty-fourth issue of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. It was released on May 27, 2015.


Earth is on the verge of destruction! Will Godzilla be able to escape his imprisonment in time to help save the planet? And which kaiju will help or hinder him? Leading up to the biggest issue of Godzilla yet, the double-sized finale in issue 25!


In Los Angeles International Airport, CKR forces have congregated for an attack on the Cryog invasion fleet and their Trilopod hive. Steven Woods briefs his men on the attack plan. His team will head along the coast and move inland from there. Air and mech support will rally to them from the east, hitting their enemies from both sides. Their main focus is turning the Cryogs away from the city so they can allow the evacuation of civilians trapped in the area. Timing is crucial as there are already reports of heavy casualties. Headache guns, cryo-rifles, and all other hardware will be unloaded around them. The heavy weapons will do most of the fighting while Woods' team sweeps the blocks and finds anyone trapped. As they move out, Chavez asks if there's any word on the Trilopods and if Godzilla's dead. Woods tells him that there's no intel on Godzilla's status yet, but they've gotten reports of three Godzilla-like Trilopods on the loose in the city and they don't know how many other monsters might be affected. Woods asks how many Trilopods they're dealing with, to which Chavez explains that the pods from the Monster Islands are being tracked here along with others from Okinawa, Indonesia, Australia, nearly every continent. Woods takes note of Okinawa, to which Chavez explained that he wanted to tell him in private before assuring him that Lucy Casprell and her friends are probably fine. Woods calls for anyone from Company 269 in Okinawa to respond, but he gets no reply. Chavez assures a saddened Woods that it'll be okay and if he needs him, just shout. He compliments the new heavy weaponry before Woods orders for them to get ready, as they're not losing anyone else. Woods's team moves out as the soldier tells central command that he needs a spotter on any airborne targets coming from Okinawa. He wants to know where it is as he already knows where it's headed.

As the Godzilla-Trilopods have Godzilla at their mercy, Cryog Emperor Karkaro tells Commander Rhizon that both their deaths wait for his command. But before Rhizon pays for his treason, he will watch his plans of conquest suffer and die. Rhizon asks Karkaro if he thinks there's another monster out there that could destroy the Trilopods and the planet if he chooses. Karkaro assures him that nothing on Earth is capable of such a thing, before Rhizon reminds them of what happened to their planet under his watch. Their world was both beautiful and harsh, with only the strong surviving. Karkaro had watched over them until one day when King Ghidorah arrived and destroyed it all. As the three-headed dragon destroyed the Cryog civilization, Karkaro fled into space as he left his people to die. However, some survived and rallied behind Rhizon. The commander calls Karkaro a coward for abandoning them, to which the angered emperor backhands him. Karkaro orders for his imprisonment, as Rhizon will not die until he gives the command. An underling reports that the Hunting Pods are returning, to which Karkaro orders for the Earth's monsters to be stored in the Hive, the hybrids to be released, and the fleet to remain in orbit so they won't get caught in the middle. He declares that it's time to turn Earth to ash.

Back in Los Angeles, the Hunting Pods arrive as Woods asks if any of them are carrying Lucy and her friends. Central command denies it and tells him that another one was spotted behind it, but it's above the ocean. However, they're tracking two other targets heading their way. Woods orders for the people to be cleared and tells central command to let him know when the Pod arrives. Woods tells Chavez that if the two targets heading their way are Godzilla hybrids, it'll be one hell of a fight on their hands. Chavez asks about their air support and if Kiryu and MOGUERA can handle the incoming targets, to which Woods replies that while the mechs are on their way, they're waiting to see what the pods do as they don't want to shoot down potential help. If nothing arrives from the sea, they have a good defensive area and they just might be able to lead the Trilopods to sea for their ships to take care of. A CKR soldier reports that the two targets are nearing their position, with one heading for the downtown area and the other coming right towards them. Woods confirms that they're Godzilla-Trilopods and asks out loud where Godzilla is.

Meanwhile, a Cryog underling reports that the first Hunting Pods had arrived with a few stragglers close behind. Karkaro orders once again for the monsters to be brought into the Hive and for the hybrids to be released. When asked what to do with Rhizon's ship, the emperor orders for it to be destroyed, as they have no place for traitors among them. As Rhizon's ship is destroyed with all hands aboard killed, the Hunting Pods are assimilated into the Hive. A Godzilla-Trilopod looks on as Godzilla comes to and blasts his atomic breath at it. They face each other and Godzilla slams into the impostor with his tail, killing it. However, Karkaro amusingly asks if Godzilla really thinks he stands a chance before inquiring about how many Pods they're waiting on. An underling reports that they have one more and it's approaching the coast. However, while there is a kaiju inside, the bio readings are abnormal. The underling asks if they should destroy the pod, but Karkaro orders for it to be join the others, as they'll need every specimen they can find. Meanwhile, central command tells Woods that the Okinawa Pod is over their location before the soldier once again tries to get into contact with Company 269. However, a Godzilla-Trilopod approaches them as Chavez tells him that they need to move. Woods retorts that he needs to know if Lucy is all right. Chavez understands, but he reminds him that they still need to do their part and that he'll get his chance. The Trilopod spots them and destroys one of their combat jeeps. Woods orders for his men to flank the creature as they fire at it with sonic and cryo weapons. The Trilopod retaliates by flipping over the remaining jeeps, injuring one of the CKR soldiers. Before it can finish the soldiers off, however, the Trilopod is hit by a ship anchor wielded by Jet Jaguar. The Trilopod attacks the robot with its claws, but Jet Jaguar socks its face. Woods tells his fellow soldiers to move, as the robot is buying them time. Chavez asks where they're going, to which Woods replies that he needs to find out where Lucy is before the air strike.

In Rhizon's prison cell, Karkaro tells his former commander that the humans will soon attack them and Godzilla will soon be dead. While he admits that Godzilla is tough to beat, he will fall in time against the hybrid army, before telling him that he destroyed his ship and killed his crew. Rhizon tells him that his crew didn't deserve that, but expected something like that from a coward like Karkaro. He remarks that with the ship destroyed, there's nothing keeping containment restraints on. Karkaro asks what he means by restraints, to which Rhizon inquires back if he really thought he stayed by the Moon on purpose before assuring his former emperor that he and his fleet will soon find out. He explains that, with no signal to keep the restraints active, Karkaro let loose a very lethal creature and sealed his fleet's fate. In his need to punish an innocent crew, he had released Gigan. As he explains this, Gigan emerges out of the Moon sporting brand-new double chainsaws on each arm. Back in Los Angeles, Godzilla confronts another Godzilla-Trilopod before noticing the last Hunting Pod being assimilated into the hive. Before the King of the Monsters and his doppelgänger can fight, however, the hive bombards Godzilla with lasers. As the smoke clears, Godzilla finds himself surrounded by Trilopod hybrids taking on the appearances of all the planet's kaiju.



Weapons, vehicles, and races







  • In his appearance in a flashback in this issue, King Ghidorah bears his Showa design for the first time in any of IDW's comics. King Ghidorah had previously only been depicted as his 1991 or Millennium designs.
  • Numerous references to Toho kaiju and films can be noticed on billboards in this issue, including an advertisement for a film entitled Yamata no Orochi, a picture of a woman's face with the name "Kumi" written beside it, most likely a reference to actress Kumi Mizuno, and an advertisement for a film called Doll of the Vampire, a reference to Toho's film The Vampire Doll.
  • Gigan appears as Modified Gigan for the first time in IDW's comics in this issue.

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