Godzilla #14

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Marvel's Godzilla, King of the Monsters
Issue #13
Issue #14
Issue #15
"Mega-Monsters Part III:
The Super-Beasts"
Cover of issue #14 by Herb Trimpe and Bob Layton
Editor-in-chief Jim Shooter
Story by Doug Moench
Cover by Herb Trimpe,
Bob Layton
Pencils by Herb Trimpe
Colors by Don Warfield
Letters by Shelly Leferman
Edits by Bob Hall
Marvel Comics
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Iron Man #196The Thing #31
Red Ronin is finished! Now Godzilla alone must face--the siege of the Super-Beasts!

— The issue's tagline

"Mega-Monsters Part III: The Super-Beasts" is the fourteenth issue of Marvel's Godzilla, King of the Monsters. It was released in September of 1978.

Plot[edit | edit source]

With Red Ronin destroyed, Godzilla is the only force capable of stopping the now super-powered Mega-Monsters. The Godzilla Squad provides Godzilla with support while Jimmy Woo recovers the unconscious Robert from the head of Red Ronin. While aboard their base on the Moon, the dying Betans watch the battle rage on. In order to maintain their life support as long as possible, they lower their base into the Moon's surface. All the Betans die except one.

As the battle continues, Godzilla is able to destroy Krollar with his flame breath, save Dum Dum from Krollar, burn Triax from the inside out with his flame breath, and then use Rhiahn's own bio-blade to behead it. With the Mega-Monsters destroyed, the lone Betan rejoices over Godzilla's victory while the Megans decide to end their war against the Betans. On Earth, the Godzilla Squad decides to let Godzilla go, vowing to capture him some other time.

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  • Shelly Leferman is credited as "S. Lefferman."


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